Photo A Day! Summer! 6/20/12 6th Photo!

Today wasn't that interesting. I actually took my photo a day at the last second! It turned out cute though. I spent most of the day worrying about my teeth, I get my braces off on FRIDAY! I also spent most of the day reading online stories, like cute love stories. I find those sappy, but romantic. Ha! While my sister was at a movie in Sandy, mom and I went shopping at Fred Meyer. We relaxed on the couches at Fred Meyer and shopped for some travel stuff for Sun River. We came, I drove home, and we had a simple dinner while watching Murder She Wrote with Angela Lansbury. I love her! I love that show! It inspired me to write my long forgotten murder mystery that I have not taken out of hiding in quite some time... anyway... Here is the picture I took. I made it into a collage. My kitty is the cutest! I love him to death. Tonight, the clouds were so spectacular! I am such a sucker for clouds. I loove clouds! 
That was my very fascinating day!