Photo A Day! Summer! 6/18/12 4th Photo!

Today, my cousin Abbie and I hung out today and it was really fun! We went to Jazzy Bagels in Gresham and we went to WinCo and Fred Meyer, then back to her house and we watched 'The Wedding Planner' with Jennifer Lopez in it. It's a cute movie! I like to do my 'Photo-A-Day's about interesting things I do each day, or high lights! You know? So, the high light of my day was spending time with my bestie-cousin-friend, Abbie!
Yeah, it's a little bright, but it's so cute! We were facing the window, and it was really bright outside, not sunny, just bright with the clouds and such. I still think it's a cute picture! I like it!
Today was lots of fun! :)
I love this project!