Photo A Day (make up) 6/24/12!

Keeping busy in Sunriver! Yesterday was so much fun! We got up, had breakfast and got ready to go on a bike ride. We went on the bike ride it and it was a lot of fun. Worked out my legs! We came home, had lunch, and relaxed a little bit. The family went to Sharc, a cool swimming place. :) they went there, but I stayed home because I was really tired. I needed a nap. They came, we all helped with dinner and we had spaghetti! Yummm! Baby Raelyn played on my iPhone. I downloaded little baby games for her. It was adorable. After dinner, we went on a walk. So many pictures! I took so many pictures and we saw a deer. Lots of funny moments (isabelle). It was a very good walk! We came home and Isabelle picked out a movie to watch and we had ice cream for dessert. After ice cream, isabelle wanted to go in the hot tub, so Brittney, Isabelle and I all went in the hot tub and we sang songs. It was a very fun day. I'm sorry I didn't post a photo a day, but I took pictures and made a collage yesterday, so I am posting what was made yesterday. :)