Photo a day for 6/26/12 [make up] Summer!!

I had a bust day yesterday. I had a lot if fun yesterday as well! This was the 4th day of Sunriver. I woke up and got ready. Brittney and I baby sat Isabelle and Raelyn while grandma and grandma and aunt shawna and uncle rob went somewhere. After they came back, we went on a bike ride and it was a good bike ride. We are gonna go on a longer one later today. It was a good one. We came home, and got ready to go swimming. I was nervous to go down the slides, because swimming in a pool with a lot of people is not one of my favorite things. But surprisingly, it was a lot of fun! My grandma got a picture of me going down the slide and I went on the inner tube slide twice! I was proud of myself. I like water parks... But I also find thrm gross and busy. This one was ok. It was actually very fun! We came back and got ready to go out to dinner. There is this Italian retaurant called Marcello's here. We go there every time we stay here in Sunriver. It's so good! They have bread and oil and vinegar. They always serve warm bread and they put herbs in the oil and vinegar. Mmmm so good! I ordered lasagna, I love lasagna. Isabelle was a hilarious little girl there. Making us all laugh, but making Aunt Shawna embarrassed. After dinner, we went home and got ready to go on an evening walk. I love the long walks. The sunset and clouds in the sky were so pretty. Orange and pink and blue and purple. All the different colors. It was so gorgeous! The pond by the golf course looked like glass, the water looked like glass. It was so pretty. We walked a ways and it was a pretty long and good walk. After our walk, We went home and I took a shower and went to bed. I had a busy day yesterday! But it was a lot of fun! Aunt Shawna and Uncle Rob and Raelyn & Isabelle are leaving today. I am kinda glad but kinda sad a well.