My Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Weekend @ Seaside, OR.

This weekend was the absolute most fun I have ever had a birthday party of mine! I love hanging out with the girls, and they are my best friends! Yes, even my sister. I had such an amazing weekend! 
Ok, so just warning... I took tons of pictures and videos! TONS. Some of the videos will be on links because they are on my other tumblr blog. It was easier getting the pictures on there first. 
I'm gonna start from the beginning... So, Friday, it was raining when we arrived. Even before the party started, we were making inside jokes and laughing our heads off. Anything can be an inside joke with these girls. Just have to make a funny face, at a weird time or random time or just do something out of the ordinary.... anyway... we get to the beach and the house is a little less than what we expected. It was a comfy house, but needs to be modernized a bit. It was fun though! I loved it. Since it was raining, our plans changed a little bit. Instead of roasting hot dogs on the beach over a beach campfire, we decided to make the enchiladas that night. It worked out perfectly. While my parents were making the dinner, us girlies played Apples to Apples while we waited for the dinner. But before we started playing, we wanted to make our mason jar cups. We put little stickers on them for our initials and tied ribbon around the top. SUPER CUTE idea from Pinterest.  
They are so cute!!
After we got our drinks and we got situated, we sat down and started playing Apples to Apples. Of course, that creates more funny moments! 
Funny moments such as Libby laughing her head off to my cousin, Abbie, because she said something super hilarious! It looks like she is crying, but she isn't. She's laughing. super hard.
We played for a while, and then dinner was ready. I love these enchiladas! They are my favorite. I could eat a vat of them. So good. 
I only wanted enchiladas and re-fried beans. It looks like I don't eat much, but I had four helpings of enchiladas. I love them so much! And I ate re-fried beans too. When this picture was taken, the re-fried beans were still cooking.
After dinner, we sat around the TV and watched Bride and Prejudice. It's a Bollywood spin off of the classic Pride and Prejudice. It's funny, but the girls didn't like it as much as I do. Oh well...hhaha. 
The sleeping arrangement was awesome! Baha! Ali slept on the couch cushions. She made a pretty spectacular bed out of the cushions. I guess I slept straight up, like sitting up straight with my legs crossing and my head tilted and sleeping... Libby told me that I was sleeping like that. I soon moved to the floor and it felt so much better!
In the morning, we woke up and took showers while my parents made the breakfast. 
We took turns taking showers, and then the breakfast was made! 
A delicious breakfast. We had bacon also, but I just didn't take a picture of the bacon. I wanted to hurry up and get into town. For breakfast, we had doughnuts, fruit and blueberry bread :) YUMMM!!!! and bacon of course. I love bacon!
 We went into town, and the first thing we did was the Tilt-A-Whirl. The ride was going too fast to take pictures so we just took pictures afterward... but during the ride, I was with Abbie in a little car. Ali, Libby and Brittney were in another car. Abbie and I had a hard time getting the twist in the car, since there were only two of us... it was a little hard. It would go fast at some points, and it was a lot of fun! But other times, it was like, "COME ON! MOVE!!!" So, we had a strategy... "Go this way, now left, now right, go that away, now this way." We had to scoot our bodies according to the direction to get the car thing to spin. 
It was fun, and my throat hurt the rest of the day from the screaming we did. 
After the ride, we took pictures :)
Later, my parents sent us on our own to check out the shops. I love checking out the shops at Seaside. They have some interesting shops. While we went shopping and looking, Britt, Mom and dad went on a hotel tour and earned $100 from just going on the tour. WOWZERS!!! 
The first store we went into was a fancy shmancy beach clothing store. Like all the big brand beach clothing names, such as: Roxy. You know? 
There were some high prices in there! WOW.
There was a rack of interesting sun glasses, we all tried some on :)
Abbie wore the 60's type sun glasses,
Ali and Libby wore clown nose sun glasses and pig nose sun glasses
and I wore the 'Happy Birthday' sun glasses... since it was my birthday party. HAHA.
Oh, were so cute! 
We went walking around some more. Lots of places, walking around. We went into a vintage shop, and the Carousel Mall, went the coffee shops and such.
There was this one store, a store where they sell custom t-shirts and sweatshirts. Sweatshirts that say "Seaside, Oregon" and such. 
Well, a worker there would not stop following us around. Not stalking us, not supervising us, but HARPING ON US! Basically begging for business. Such as, there was this t-shirt that was so 'LIBBY', it said, 'Come at me, Bro!' And that is just so 'LIBBY', well, Ali was commenting on it that it was so 'Libby' and the guy was like, 'Well, why don't you buy it?" REALLY? Ok... so then a few minutes after that, Ali commented on some stuffed animal guinea pigs and the guy was like, 'I like guinea pigs. You should buy a guinea pig.'
Seriously? This guy was a character! 
We went perusing through the shops, and walking through the town, it got closer to the time we were all gonna meet my parents by the bowling place, and we decided to grab an elephant ear from Elephant Ear Universe. The best elephant ears ever! 
We got a picture together. The one Abbie took was the best because she got all of us in perfectly.
After we met up with my dad, we went home and started making cupcakes!
We wanted to get home and get started early so that we could head out to the beach to roast hot dogs on the beach. It was such a nice day!
When we got home, we had some snacks and just slowly got ready to make the cupcakes...
The quote for this picture is "It's broken" hahaha. Abbie said that. I forgot the story that went along with it, but it was hilarious!
After this, Libby and Abbie decided they wanted to try to click their heals together.
Anyway, it was really interesting...
See, they wanted a picture of them clicking their heals. Libby some how fell over and started laughing and Abbie came up to her and leaned over and acted like a dino. That is the story... from my end.
We began making the cupcakes, and Ali and Libby took charge! 
They made the batter, I helped some. HAHA. I made a video about this.
I took lots of pictures of the process too! Some of them are blurry because we were always moving, trying to hurry!
The egg exploded all over Ali's hand! HHAAA.
While we made the cupcakes, we had lunch at 5:00 PM. Not dinner, but lunch. Dinner came later.
We had awesome caprese sandwiches! I love these sandwiches. SO YUMMY!
After we finished making the cupcakes, the results were gorgeous! Finally got the birthday dessert/candy table that was in my dream for my birthday party and it turned out really cute and pretty!
Of course, being at the beach, my theme was beach.
So cute!!! 
We then got ready to go to the beach. Abbie had been trying to do this upside down french braid thing and then a bun. Well, Brittney mastered it on her head and she put in the headband that Brittney crocheted and it looked so cute! I got the idea that we could all wear our hair like that and wear the headbands that Brittney crocheted for us all! We went to Gearhart, Oregon. You can drive right onto the beach! It was awesome! 
Here is the picture of our hair and all of us girlies!
I love our hair! Sooo cute!!!!
We then went to collect wood for the fire that we were gonna roast our hot dogs on. We all went to collect wood, and Ali and Libby got piles of wood. I got piles of twigs and Abbie lugged a huge piece of wood to the fire spot.
Oh my goodness!
Here is the GIF I made of her pulling the wood. BAHAHA
And here is a picture of her lugging the wood.
Ali and Libby then found this big V shaped log. We decided to use it as our sitting log.
Here is a video of us pushing the log to our camp site.

What an adventure. We then went to explore the beach, and find seashells. I found a lot of broken ones...
The beach was so pretty!
The sunset was gorgeous and the water was blue. It was a treat to see the beach like that. It was a really pretty sight!
Abbie drew me 'Happy Birthday' in the sand. That was so sweet!
Ali and Libby found an Unidentified Floating Object... UFO...
Later, after we were done exploring on the beach, we all gathered back at the fire with our 'loot'. Ali and Libby came back with more wood; Brittney and Abbie came back with stories of what they found... and a little plastic figurine... 
This is the video of the little plastic figurine's sacrifice...
Just click on the link... 
It's pretty funny! 
I came back with a claw like stick. I wanted to be the dino for once. Ha!
We ate dinner, our hot dogs and my mom and Abbie made smores. We listened to music and played games. Watched the people next to us make a fool of themselves... wrestling and playing some kind of game. Boys are weird... haha. 
Then the tide got so close to us! We decided to head home.
I wanted to do these facial masks, and that was an activity that we did. 
Abbie did some weird thing with her eye brows and it made me crack up. It started to irritate her skin and she needed to itch her nose. Libby didn't want to put the mask on, so she just put the packet over her face for the picture. We also put cucumbers on our eyes. We used to cucumbers from the veggie platter we had with lunch. Libby is in the picture. She is the facial packet.
So... that was fun! Ha. We then watched Footloose! The new one. That was interesting. While we watched Footloose, we all ate candy! This was my candy feast/meal...
After the movie, we got ready for bed and slept till about 9 in the morning.
I got up and straightened up a little bit, so I wouldn't have much to do later.
I ended up waking the girlies up...oops.
Before breakfast, I opened my presents. I got some pretty cool stuff!!
I can't wait to use it all!
All of my awesome gifts! The iTunes gift card from Ali, The picture cube and fluffy pink throw blanket from Libby and the 'I Love To Blog' earrings from Abbie.
Awwww you girls! So sweet!
After that, we had left over fruit and muffins for a quick breakfast.
We wanted to get ready fast so that we could go down to the beach to ride the suries and do our craft.
While we were driving down to the town, we saw smoke arise...
Something was up. We decided to check it out, and there was a house on fire!
It was a scheduled burn. There was a sign that said, "Burn To Learn", so they were just training the new firemen. This was a house that the next door neighbors own, and they are gonna rebuild right there anyway.
The firemen  were eating pizza while fighting the fire! Haha. They had this under control.
We got bored of watching, and we wanted to do our craft, so we headed down to the beach with our mason jars and filled our jars with sand :) And put our seashells in for a cute Seaside, OR memento. 
I wanted to get a group picture of just the four of us on the beach, so Brittney took the picture. 
Were so cute! I love these pictures.
And a couple with my seester!! (Sister)
We met up with my dad again, after we put together our jars and we got on the suri!
Boy... do we have stories to tell.
I will go in detail!
Ok, so our little story begins...
Brittney was the first one to 'drive' or steer the suri. Nothing happened. Brittney is actually a very good suri driver. Then it was me, then it was Abbie and nothing happened. We decided to stop for a coffee because Abbie and I wanted coffee. I bought a banana with my coffee, and Abbie bought an iced chai tea. 
Ali got a water. I put my banana in my jacket pocket, because I was gonna be driving and peddling.  We got back to the suri and we drove off, Ali was driving... 
We made a loop around and went down this one road. It was a small skinny road, and cars were parked, lining the street. As Ali was driving, and we were all peddling, we were about to pass this gray SUV car with tinted windows. As we approached this SUV, the window rolls down and as we are passing it, this guy pops his head out of the window and says... "Hey girls! We got a party spot tonight!"
It was a little creepy, but Abbie shouts back, "It's ok! We don't party!" And we start working our little legs to get out of there fast. They weren't following us or anything, but it was pretty creepy! 
We went through the town again, and drove down this one street...
We were in between a seafood restaurant and The Candy Man shop. There was this guy with these little kids and he was waving to us. While we were stopped at a stop sign, Libby dropped Ali's purse in the middle of the road. The guy made fun of us... I got out of the suri and picked up Ali's purse. We turned down this one road because we wanted to turn around. We turned around in this empty motel parking lot. Empty except for one car... we were driving toward it to leave the parking lot and we were getting closer and closer to the car... WE ALMOST HIT THE CAR!!! The only car in the parking lot! 
We made it out ok, and turned down the same street and turned again. That same guy that made fun of us dropping Ali's purse (not the creepy SUV guy, but the guy with the kids), he said, "Hey, you dropped something!" To us. I thought he was messing around with us because that is the spot where we dropped Ali's purse and I yelled back, "YEAH RIGHT! HAHAHA!" Like a joking manner... well up the street a ways, I re-adjust my jack and I slide my hands down my stomach to smooth out my shirt. It was then that I noticed my banana was missing from my jacket pocket. So I say, "Guys, my banana is gone!" And then we realize that the guy wasn't messing with us, and that we had really dropped something. It was my banana! I dropped my banana in the middle of the street! We couldn't stop laughing about it. We turned back and it was gone! Like, no banana at all! It disappeared! Oh well, it was only .75 cents, not a big loss. I have a story now! It was fun to laugh to. We made another loop around and Ali and I wanted corn dogs from the best corn dog place in Seaside. Abbie was driving at this point and she parallel parked the suri. Ali and I got out and went to grab our corn dogs. We waited a little bit and then we came back and Ali had a little cup of ketchup with hers  and I had a little cup of mustard. We were all ready to go and Abbie was going to make a U-turn. Well... we started out okay, but we didn't end okay. We were heading for the curb, and Abbie said, "I don't think were gonna make it..." and BOOM! We crash into the curb and Ali gets ketchup all over her hands. Oh jeez! We end up getting it on the right track and we drive down the street. Our hour is up and we head back to the suri rental place. The guy who is working there is sleeping when we arrive... there is another group of people who want to rent suries and were just waiting for him to wake up. So, Abbie starts yelling, "WAKE UP!!!" And she rings the little bell on the suri and the other group is yelling "WAKE UP!!", were all trying to wake this guy up. He finally wakes up and tells us to have a nice day, and we leave the suri, our adventure mobile and we meet up with my dad, he takes us back to the beach house and we have a quick lunch.
After lunch, we pack up all our stuff and we head home. 
It was a pretty eventful weekend and it was such a fun birthday party! 
I took so many pictures, I couldn't fit them all in the blog post. I could, but it would be even longer! 
Thank you mom and dad, and girlies for making this weekend, and my sixteenth birthday a great one!
It was lots of fun!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend! We love Seaside and Gearhart. Apples to Apples is a very funny game to play, it does always seem to get people laughing. :) I love the suri adventure as well, the banana part was very funny. Love the jar craft, and of course the I love blogging earrings are pretty great too!

    1. It was very fun! I am so happy I have those girls as friends! It was a lovely weekend.


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