My Day!

Like I have said in the past two posts, and like everybody has said, today is Father's Day! So, you all know I went to my great Grandpa Kirby's house to celebrate father's day with my family, and all that jazz. Before I went to Great Grandpa Kirby's, I discovered this cool app for iphone! KEEK. It's the coolest! You can post videos and things. I already have 7 followers and people comment on my videos all the time. I love that! Here is the link to my KEEK:  view my videos and follow me maybe :)
It's a really cool app! I got my friend Shayla on there! :)
Soooo.... at my Great Grandpa Kirby's, my Aunt and cousins were there. I love hanging out with these little girlies! They are so much fun and so cute! They just do silly cute fun things!
This my mom, Isabelle, Raelyn and my Aunt (of course myself included), all hanging out in the back room.
I took lots of videos on KEEK of Isabelle and Raelyn, and Brittney and of course myself.
It's a really fun app!
Later... I took lots of pictures of Raelyn. I had the camera turned to the front of my iPhone so that she could see herself while I was taking the picture. She really enjoyed that and made it cute because she was laughing and pointing at her own image. :)
She is just a cutie patootie pie! both Isabelle and Raelyn!
So, if you read my Father's day post, you would have learned about the ice cream cake...
well this my lump of ice cream cake that I was trying to eat. It was an 'OK', ice cream cake... not the best....
I need brownies in my ice cream, that's how I roll.
UGH... It's so annoying when I get treated like I'm a dumbo. If I said anything... like I was saying something about the knife my Grandma was using to cut the cake wasn't working very well because she was struggling to cut it... she said it just needed to melt a little more, yes... partly... but that knife is a BUTTER knife... not a cake slicer or server. I finally got fed up with being said, "Oh no! I'm fine!" When it takes her 5 minutes to slice into a cake... ice cream cake...
That's not all... I can't remember what exactly I said, but my grandma just kinda, I don't know... acted as if what I said was so stupid. 
I love her to pieces! But I just get fed up when people treat me like my opinion or advice doesn't mean anything. Just because I am a teenager does not mean I am stupid. I am not as dumb as I look.... I don't even look dumb! 
We then left and went to WinCo, my dad and I to get supplies to make nachos for dinner! YUMMM!!!
We whipped through WinCo, and went home. I blogged about Father's Day, and I then we ate the Nachos!!
My mom bought a whole bunch of melon! Honeydew, Cantaloupe and watermelon! I love melon!
I had that as a little dessert, since I had sugar all day long. 
Melon is like the only fruit that I can eat and won't get tired of it. The cute colors, and popularity. You can do so many cute things with melon!
Today was good. 
Tomorrow should be even better! I hope so. 
I'm going to be driving on the freeway for the first time.... a little nervous...
and I am getting together with my cousin Abbie! I'm so excited to hang out with her! 
She is one of my best friends, probably my closest friend out of all my friends... 
I have lost so many friends... ok! getting off track. 
Anyway, today was colorful and eventful and that is all I have to say :)