M&Ms!! They Are My Favorite!

So, I today my mom came home from the store and she pulls out this big bulk bag of M&Ms :) OH MY WORD! I loove M&Ms! They are so yummy! You can shove a whole handful in your mouth and not choke... I mean you could, but you see, I have some M&M eating/handling skills :) that sounds a bit 'wrong'... But I am bored and I am going to write "An Ode To M&Ms".
*Later--- 12:57 AM. Early morning Father's Day*
well.... I put off my ode. As a natter if fact, I don't like poetry much. So, I'm not gonna write an ode to M&Ms. Tomorrow I am definitely doing a "Father's Day" post! I have an awesomly great dad! :)
Here are the M&M pictures I took earlier!