I Wanna Be Blogspot/Tumblr Famous

I am keeping up with reading a girl's tumblr. I keep up with her tumblr because I think she is just so amazing. I guess someone from off the street, like someone was walking and she was walking asked, "Aren't you from tumblr?" wow!!!! I want that to happen to me! I am a blogger. A bloggist! I love blogging and I am going to keep up with it. I really love my blogs, my blogspot and tumblr. It helps me express and I get pretty crafty when it comes to my blogs or pinterest. Someday, I hope to have many followers and comments and views! I hope I get to be blogger famous! I love blogging! Right now, we are just hanging out, waiting for dinner. Raelyn is running around and playing with Grandpa. Britt is working on math, Isabelle is playing on Britt's iPhone, Grandma and Grandpa are making dinner and Aunt Shawna and Uncle Rob are watching over Raelyn. I am blogging :) on my phone. Today has been good! I will tell you about it with photo a day post! Here is a picture for now :) I think I am gonna make tea soon.
Happy Vacation!


  1. You are definitely passionate about your blog! All your posts have interesting elements and make for good reading. :)
    Hey! the photos are nice too! Especially the clouds - keep them coming! :)


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