I'm sorry!

I didn't do a photo-a-day yesterday. I was so busy! I had my braces off yesterday, and I went to my uncle and now aunt's wedding last night. I didn't get home till almost 1:00 in the morning this morning from the wedding. Haha. I wasn't home hardly at all yesterday. I guess my braces pictures were my Photo-a-day, but I feel bad I broke off my goal. Oh well. I will do my photo a day from now on :) it wont be fancy or anything, well it might be fancy, considering I can do collages and I can edit my pictures on my iPhone :) I am on my way to Sunriver now :) the week after I get back, I get my license :) Such an eventful summer! I am glad for eventful summers! So, I will do a special "Photo a day" right now or a bit later :) I will do a collage of yesterday and today mixed :) It will be good :) I can keep up my regime!! :)
I will blog later everybody!