I'm Back!

Oh yes! Last day of school today! It is so nice to just sit and relax. So nice! It was awesome! An easy day! After school, I went to Mt. Hood Community College to retake an english placement test for CAL (Center for Advanced Learning). I got awesome scores for my test! And now I am in the college level english, and highest level of reading! I am so excited. I have some major plans for the summer! Lots of good blog projects. A blog project/summer project I have planned is a "Photo A Day Of The Summer". I am so excited to get started. I am going to start tonight! My mom is getting us Panda Express! Super excited. I love Chinese food! It's so yummy! I have to do my Eco Emi May box, I have been using all the stuff so I can give my opinion about the products in the Eco Emi box post. I have so many trips and things planned for the summer. I can't believe that last summer, I started my blog! So I have had my blog for almost a year! So exciting isn't it?
I have to tell the world about something I am quite irritated with. We were watching my little cousin, Raelyn. My grandparents come and my grandma picks up Raelyn and says, "Were they been mean to you?" .... What!? No! We haven't been mean to her! Why even joke about that!? Just make us feel bad, after we did you a favor. That made me angry....
Okey dokey, well the summer is amazing so far. Lots of blog projects!!!
This picture is my test scores :)