Father's Day!

Today was father's day! It was so much fun! And very relaxing and I loved it! My dad is awesome! I didn't give him anything fancy like I did with my mom, for mother's day, I just wrote my dad a letter. It was special though! Not fancy, but special! My dad works so hard and he is very awesome! I am very lucky to have my parents still together and still in love! :)
So I wrote the letter last night... and I gave it to him this morning.
I got a big hug and he said, "Thank you Honey, that is awesome! You are awesome! Thank you."
:) I have the best dad!
We went over to my Grandpa Kirby's house to celebrate Father's Day, and my grandma got a big ice cream cake for Father's Day! It wasn't as yummy as I thought it was going to be... I like the brownie ice cream cake better than just... I don't even know what this one was. It was 'OK', but not the greatest...
This is my grandma Williams and my Great Grandpa Kirby...
Yeah, so the cake wasn't that great....
So.... that's my father's day! I will post another post about my day in general!
And a picture of my dad and I for 'Photo A Day' :)
Happy Father's Day!!!