Saturday Ramblings

Today was such a beautiful, sunny day! Haven't had a real hot day like this in a long while. It was very nice. I didn't have an out of the ordinary Saturday. I woke up at 9:00 AM, since I needed to sleep in. Been so tired lately, and sluggish. When I woke up, the sun was shining though my window shades, and it automatically put a big smile on my face. I got up and messed around on my phone, still trying to figure it out. While I was playing Doodle Jump, I was playing my pandora radio, and a commercial for the movie, The Vow came on and Taylor Swift's song: *Enchanted* was the song for the mini trailer and I loved the song! I love Taylor Swift! She is adorable! I had never heard this song beforw, so I YouTube'd (It's becoming a verb! Crazy modern day vocabulary.) it and I listened to the whole song and fell in love with it! I love the tune and the lyrics are so beautiful. The song is a great mood booster! It's the kind of song that makes a sunny day even brighter! I ended up purchasing it on iTunes, and now it's on my phone! So happy now. I went outside, and listened to it, it was really fun. I love swinging and listening to music. It's a favorite summer past time. I can be alone and listen to music and watch all the outside activity. It's pretty great. I got some of my homework done, I had some homework over the weekend, and I got the majority of it done. I always keep on top of my work. I got my Honors Biology done, and some of my Honors English homework done. So happy! Because now, I have most of my Sunday free to spend with my mama! I will probably make her a card or bake her muffins. She is the greatest, my mom. She does so much for Brittney and I! I really appreciate everything she does. Speaking of muffins, I should make cupcakes soon. My grandma got me the cupcake pen for my birthday! It makes tranferring the cupcake batter from the bowl to the cupcake liners so much easier! No drip mess. You can also use it for pancakes or cake pops or whatever really that has a batter. It is pretty spiffy.
This morning, since it was sunny, I went outside to feel how warm it was and for being the morning, it was probably 72 or 73. It was a lovely morning, but I found my kitty sitting in the big grassy area in our yard, in between the pool and swingset. He looked so soft in the sun light! He didn't look too orange though, he never does on really sunny days. On cloudy days or autumn days, he looks really orange! Today, he just looked soft. He was being all lovey dovey, and I had out my digital camera as well as my phone camera, and I wasn't trying to irritate him, just trying to get a close up of him and then he showed his evil side... He batted at my eye, and kinda scratched my eye lid. It's not a big scratch, but you can see a little red spot on my eye lid. It doesn't hurt so bad now, but earlier it was pretty sore. That little rascal. Aw well, it will heal. Another thing that is healing just now is my dry lips. I have had dry lips all day! I could literally see the dry spots on my lips, and I think what caused it was another lip gloss thing of mine, Smith's Minted Rose lip balm. I do love that stuff, but for some reason, it gave me dry lips yesterday and today. It's very strange... But my NIVEA Kiss Of Smoothness is helping them out! A lot! Making them smooth and much better, putting the moisture back in my lips and sealing it in! They feel so much better now.
Been listening to my Pandora a lot today! I have a lot of good stations, at the moment, I am listening to my Coldplay station, and One Republic is playing and it's their song: *Good Life*. That song is fun to listen to. I love the catchy chorus! I am really happy with Pandora! I have never really used it before, but I am very happy with it! I like how it mixes and matches and finds similar artists to the ones you originally like. Pandora introduces you to so many different artists! It's fabulous! And what's so extra fabulous about is that it's free! I love free apps! I don't like to waste my money on stupid apps, and I have done that a couple times... Silly me. I chose my apps wisely.
Anyway, today has been a pretty normal day! Beautiful and warm! Summer is finally approaching and it will probably stay for a while. Makes me happy we are finally changing seasons! :)
The pictures are: I took a screen shot of my newly purchased Taylor Swift song. I really like screen shot, it's pretty cool; and of my kitty in the sub. This is the one that is also on my timblr, twitter as well as instagram. This was after he was being mean to me. Tee hee; one of my homework, all neatly laid out, so my readers can see how much I had. After I laid it out, it didn't seem like so much and It really wasn't that much! I am glad I got most of it done; of course, there is a picture if my NIVEA, my lip/life saver today abd everyday, really! I love NIVEA! It is a very good chapstick; and I had to take a picture of the song I was listening to on Pandora, One Republic: *Good Life*, it is a very catchy, good song. I love it!
Well, today was a good day! Very productive and super sunny!
Beautiful Beautiful day!