Past Week: New Things

Hello everyone! Now that track is over, I can blog more! I have been blogging more often because I have my iPhone4 and I can blog with the blogger app and tumblr app. Yes, I started up Tumblr again. With this blog, I invest my money and so much time with, it's my project blog/trip blog/baking blog.... but with my tumblr blog I can write and re blog random things. I figured I could just do that with this blog, and I'm thinking I will. I love this blog, and I want to invest a lot more time into it and I can do that now since track is over and I have a lot more time on my hands. Like today, I didn't have any math homework since I finished it at school and all the homework I had was reading The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley. I LOVE that book so far. 

It's a really good book so far, and I will do a review on it once I'm done. Craig Lesley is a local author and the story takes place near Madras and all those reservations down there, or over there. Near the Deschutes River, but in the book, it's called the Lost River. It's a pretty cool book. I love it so far! Lots of descriptions. Paints a fabulous picture in my mind. Hard to put down.
Okey dokey, well, my tumblr blog isn't kicking off so much. It's my OLD tumblr blog that I transformed into a cool, new blog that has a touch of new flair. It's a completely different blog basically! New URL, new name, new background and everything. I wanted to start off fresh. It mostly has my own pictures on it, but I figured a way to get popular on tumblr is to start re-blogging people's stuff, so I did that with a couple of cool pictures. This is what it looks like on my phone and it's basically what it looks like on the computer. I love the lavender look. That's what the theme is! Lavender. :) This is PAGES and pages back, I have posted a lot... although this is just a week ago. I wanted one of my own pictures on there, and I didn't want a blog post, I wanted a picture so I had to keep going through the next pages to find a picture that was at the top of the page! I found one near the top! Success.
Here is my link to my tumblr in case you would like to read it sometime:

Anyway, this week has been good! Had hardly any homework on Monday, and had some homework yesterday, but today I have a lot of relaxation time! I treasure and make the time I get to myself very sacred. It is very rare... but I bet I will be having less stress attacks now that track is done. Thank goodness! 
Tonight, my mom made a nice meal. 
Macaroni and cheese with tortilla wraps. A nice 'intro to summer' meal. It looks and was very delicious! 
They taste so fresh and yummy! 
A perfect balance. To flavor it a bit, I think I could add some seasonings or vinegar to it. 
They are just so colorful!
Very tasty!
Last night, after I finished my three hours worth of homework, I decided to go outside and take some fun pictures. It was a lovely evening and I was in the mood to edit some cool pictures on my phone with my pick of photo editing apps, I have them up the wazoo! (means I have a lot...)
I thought this picture was cute... I'm not conceited, I just like the way I look and I like the way edited it. No girl should feel bad saying that they like the way they look! It's better than saying [to yourself] that you're ugly!
It's awful how some girls don't have a very good self esteem... not awful but sad. Very sad.
Anyway, I like this picture. It's cute! It is just a little blurry because I zoomed up so much. My phone actually takes awesome pictures. This was taken with my phone by the way...
Wearing my Barlow t-shirt. Booyahh!
So yeah, I have been having fun blogging and such. Blogging is a passion!
I have had a pretty good week, and I was happy all day long today! All smiles! 
This was an introduction to my new kind of blogging, I am going to add another kind of blogging to this blog... my OWN! I always have my own blogging, but what I mean is, I am just going to blog about my day, everyday. It may or may not have pictures. Most of the time it will, but sometimes it won't. I might not blog on this blog everyday, but I am going to be a 16 year old girl! I am going to blog about my projects, and about other stuff. This will always be my main blog and I plan to keep up two blogs! 
This is going to be so much fun!