My Last Track Meet

So many happy and exciting things going on at the last track meet! First of all, there is this kid from David Douglas and his name is Forest and he just won first place in the boys 1500 meter and I bet his mother shouts, "Run Forest! Run!" ha! That is awesome! Shayla yelled out "Puppy!!!" when she saw a tea cup chiuaua, it was great. I am excited for track to end, means more time for me to do my homework and for me to relax. Very happy. Today, I am only running one event, and I will PR today! Even if it means I will throw up, I will do it! I will definitely PR! I just hope my mom gets here soon so that I can have my spikes to run the 800meter. I really hope she gets here. I also asked my mom to bring me a vegan burrito with a banana. I need to eat healthy today, not Fred Meyer deli food which weighs heavy on my tummy, especially right before a race.... I ate very irresponsibly last meet. Good grief! These boys that are sitting behind Shayla and I have very big mouths, screaming terrible words and profanity, but they didn't trash Barlow, which is alright I guess. Boys like that annoy me. Anyway, Shayla just got a blogspot blog and tumblr today. I am excited to read her posts. She is a very good friend and I love her so much! I am so happy that my cousins came to watch me run! That was very sweet of them and I am so glad that they came. Abbie is so sweet, she stayed for a long time, even though she has a big IB Honors English test in the morning. And when we got back to their house, they fed us dinner too! They are awesome! I love hanging out with them, they are just so amazing and awesome! As we were watching the 4x4s, I turned around and saw the prettiest sunset! It was so beautiful! A pretty closure to a somewhat great season. Track has been OK this season... glad it's over!
Today is my last race! I will do very well!
The pictures are of the Centennial Field, and of my friend, Shayla and I sitting on the Centennial Stadium, waiting and watching and blogging and my good friends Serra and Shayla using the field as a background; my cousin Abbie and I; and the pretty sunset. I am so excited for track to end!