Friday Ramblings

I had no school today! So glad, because I wouldn't have been coherent at school. I was so tired from my trip yesterday, I just relaxed all morning. Speaking of yesterday, when I got home from my trip, there were gifts for me on my dresser! Mama and Brittney went shopping yesterday while dad and I were on the field trip. Mama got me a pair of underwear and a gray bandeau (for my uncle and future aunt's wedding to wear under my dress) from Aerie and two lotions from Bath and Body Works! That was so sweet of her. I love receiving unexpected gifts! 
After I instagram'd that, I went to go blog about my field trip, then after I blogged I watched a couple discs of Designing Women. I love that show, all the women on there are absolutely gorgeous, witty and funny! I giggle at some parts. It's a very interesting show. I enjoy it. Then, I got ready to go to my orthodontist appointment, I just threw  on some jeans and a t-shirt, some white flip flops; washed my face and left my hair natural. I felt that I looked beautiful enough to be seen by people, so I just went as is. I got to my orthodontist appointment, and they said I have been doing splendid with my teeth. I have been taking care them very well! They hygienist and the orthodontist said that when my braces get removed on June 22nd, my teeth will look awesome! I'm so excited, but kind of sad to see the braces go. I had to choose exuberant colors since this was my last appointment to get my braces tightened. I can't believe how fast it has gone! Crazy. After my orthodontist appointment, we went to Fred Meyer and did a little shopping. We purchased a honey dew melon, but before we picked one out, I Googled how to pick out a honey dew melon. There are several ways, first you have to make sure it has a yellow or cream appearance with bright yellow patches. Next, you feel the melons skin, if it is firm and waxy and veiny, it is ripe. You can also thump the melon, if it sounds hollow when you thump it, it is ripe. We picked out a good one after checking with all those. 
We got a lot of good stuff there. I wanted some gum, so we got this kind I have never tried before... 
"5 gum- PRISM-Electric Watermelon"
It's pretty good! I like the taste, and the taste lasts a while. I like that in gum, it's quality gum in the taste lasts longer than 5 seconds. Ha!
We came home and then relaxed, watched a Designing Women and then planned out a list for my birthday party. I know it's late, but it was the only weekend we could! It's going to be so much fun! It's next weekend in Seaside and I'm so excited! 
All of a sudden, mom and I heard thunder and she saw lightening. We immediately let Punkin inside and I went outside to take pictures. I knew I would never get any pictures of lightening, but I wanted to get some pictures of other things, like birds on a wire or the trees or something. 
I decided on birds on a wire because there were birds on a wire right outside my house...
And planes! I saw two planes flying.

I went to my backyard, and it looked stunning! With the gray sky and sun shining with the rain. My goodness, a simple backyard in such simple beauty! I love it! I took some shots from the ground facing up. I thought they would be cool, because you can see the rain, the grass, and the solar lights with a little bit of the swing set and the sun shining. I took a lot of these!
My mom saw the photo and said, "It's amazing that's our yard." 
It is amazing! I am so glad the rain drops are visible! They look long!
I don't know why the pink part is on the picture, it must be like an effect or something. Or film trash or glare. It's pretty though! I also am glad the rain drops are visible in this picture too with some sun rays! I love this! 
I took some pictures of myself too! I quickly did my hair so that I could have the sun, and I mastered the fish tail braid! I did half of my braid a regular braid and then I fishtailed it. I don't think I am doing it right, but it looks good! It looks really good! 
I edited the picture so that it looks better. It was a little fuzzy because I took the picture with my front camera of my phone, and with that camera, when I use it, the pictures turn out just a little fuzzy.
(Not Edited)
They both look fine! I like the edited one because it has some color in there. I like both of them though. 
I love taking pictures in the rain! During the summer, I will take my camera and wear shorts with a short sleeve or a tank top; it would be humid and I would dance around and just snap pictures and I will get some good ones! It seems silly, but it is so much fun! To dance in the rain, and take pictures and some will end up turning out really cute!
I went inside when the sun went away and when the rain started pour harder and the thunder was clapping louder. I saw Punky looking outside, he must have been watching the rain, or wishing he could go outside...
My parents say it's a good looking picture of the boy!
It is!
I can hear the thunder, and it's loud! I hope we get a thunder and lightening storm! Mom and dad are making steaks for dinner with delicious side dishes. 
I'm so excited about dinner! 
Today was a good day! I have three more days to the weekend, and tomorrow I will do some homework and hopefully make some cheesy pretzels! 
Have a good night everyone!
(The day went by fast today!)