The Fantastic Weekend: Sat. Sun. Mon.

This weekend was a great recovery for sleep, and blogging. Since my tumblr hasn't been active since last year, and I just started it up, I have gained a lot of followers just from the busy activity on my tumblr this weekend. I gained a bunch of followers. I wish it was easy like that on blogspot... oh well. Hopefully with my tumblr blog, I can hopefully gain some followers on here. I get plenty of readers. Anyway, yeah, the weekend was great! I feel refreshed and ready to go back to school. I haven't been to school in 5 days! That's a whole school week! I never skip school, I missed Thursday because of my field trip. 
Saturday, it was pouring down rain and there was a thunder and lightening storm. I love thunder and lightening
storms, they make me excited and I love to watch the rain, and how it shimmers in the lightening. It's a beautiful sight, but too quick to catch on camera. On Saturday, it was sunny and raining again, and I wanted to take some more 'in the rain' photos with the sun light glimmering on my hair. It took some cute pictures with my hair all done up cute. I always like to do wacky braids. For this collage-picture, I did a quirky twisty regular fish tail braid... like a pattern of regular braid then fish tail, then regular and fish tail. I turned out super cute! I even took some pictures of my jeans, and my bare feet... inspired by this blog of course! I love those kinds of pictures. Easy to take and if you edit them, they can turn out really cute!
By Saturday night, I was beat. I really hadn't slept for two days, I stayed up late Friday night blogging on tumblr and editing pictures in Instagram. Saturday morning I woke up early and started blogging on tumblr and checking up dates. It was a tiring weekend, so by 12:00 AM, Sunday morning... I was beat. I laid on the couch, and Brittney put on National Treasure I. I snuggled with Punky and my lime green blanket. I edited this picture just a little bit, and I think I edited it pretty cute... Punky looks HUGE! ha.
Sunday morning, I woke up around 9:00, and I started working on my homework. I finally finished the Honors English packet, a big assignment that isn't due till June 4th. I'm glad I got it all done, now I just need to  read a page of the packet in front of the class for the full amount of points and I'll be able to turn it in. I think I did a pretty good job on it. After I finished that, I watched a lot of Bewitched. I was waiting for the cousins to come over, and I knew I'd get a chance for taking cute pictures of them for my blog. When they came over, my aunt Shawna and I ended up talking about beauty and facial tips. It was actually fun, showing off my large collection of facial and beauty products. I collect them and use them. I love getting a new facial product!
Our little beauty talk inspired me to do the coconut oil in my hair again, only this time I added some of the Eco Emi vegan conditioner in my hair too. The Green Body-Green Planet vegan Energy conditioner. It made my hair smell nice during the three hour wait for it to soak it. I kept it in for three hours instead of two because I lost track of time... but I LOVE the results! LOVE THEM.
Before the Results/During the Soaking...
 After... the results! LOVE MY HAIR!!
My hair is so soft and I love to touch it! It feels so smooth and looks so good. I think I am going to do this Thursday before my party so that my hair can look good for my party! You can read about the whole hair care routine on my tumblr blog. Here is the link:
For lunch on Sunday, I made Alexia Oven Reds we had just gotten on Friday with the Fred Meyer pop corn chicken and the new Ranch Dressing from Marie's. The best Ranch dressing ever! Marie's Ranch Dressing!
The combination of the whole bit was so good! It was a great late lunch/early dinner yesterday!
When I went outside to help my aunt put the snow shoes my sister used in her car, I found this wood chip that was shaped like a heart under a bush. Since we just had our tree cut down, it was a fresh piece. 
As I was taking pictures of the wood chip, Punky got very curious and decided he wanted to be in the pictures too, so I just made a collage of both the wood chip and Punky together. Both pretty rugged... lol.
I love Sundays, only sometimes. Sundays means that my cousins come over and I always a get a chance to take cute pictures. But... Sundays also mean the last day of the weekend, so time to start the stress again... no more relaxing or staying up the late, until the next weekend, which never takes too long to get back to.
As my little cousin Raelyn was eating, I decided it would probably be the only time I could get her in one spot where she could still move around and make silly faces. 
I got some really cute ones of her. They are edited of course, but not too much. You can only do so much with an iPhone... lol.
Raelyn makes me giggle. She loves the camera, such a cheese. Of course, I did silly things with my hands and arms to make her smile. I'm glad she kept it up long enough. 
During this time, my other cousin, Isabelle was swinging. She rarely lets me take pictures of her, so I decided that was my only chance. And of course, I got some pretty cute ones because Isabelle is such a cutie pie!
I wish I could get her to 'pretty' smile instead of scowl. She always has a pretty smile in her professional pictures.
After the cousins left, I wanted to an aspirin mask, since that was one of the things that Aunt Shawna and I talked about during out beauty talk. I had also seen it on Pinterest, but had never gotten around to doing it. Since I had lots of time on my hands, I decided to get into the medicine cabinet, grab the aspirin and make a simple aspirin mask. 
It works too!
All you do is make a small pool of water in the palm of your hand and stick three aspirin tablets in the water and let them fizz. use your other finger to scrub it on your face and rinse with cold water. 
Another beauty thing I did this weekend was a simple lip scrub that I did today. 
All it takes is some milk and some baking soda... optional: food coloring.
I chose blue for mine. I did the directions and the results, all in the same collage. The directions are pretty simple and straight forward: Mix the milk with the baking soda and rub on your lips. If you want color to it, add a drop of food coloring, color of your choice to the milk and mix it up, then spoon a drop or two into the baking soda and mix. Easy peasy.
Can't believe I did this whole collage with my phone. My phone amazes me!
Back to Sunday... after the aspirin mask, I watched a few more Bewitched and I then hunkered down and started in on more homework. I read my Honors English book, The Sky Fisherman, catching up from Thursday's assignment that I missed because I was gone on the field trip and then after I knocked that out, I relaxed and then went to bed at about 1:30 in the morning. 
This morning, I woke up and had my whole morning planned...
-Drink coffee with a splash of Silk Almond Milk as creamer,
-Eat Cocoa Pebbles and watch a few episodes of Designing Women
-Do homework...
As I was taking this picture, I looked over, and down to see that my cat brought us a little present... 
a mole.
I cringed a bit, and blinked, making sure I saw it right... it was a mole. I felt a little sad, but then praised my proud kitty with a pat on the head. I meant to give him a few treats, but never got around to it. I will do it tomorrow, I was busy today. 
After my morning regime of eating breakfast, drinking coffee and watching Designing Women, I turned my chair towards the front window and put in my head phones to listen to my rain app on my phone while I read my history and took notes. It was bright this afternoon when I did my history.
I started at 10:00 AM and ended my history homework at 2:00 PM. I will probably get scolded with how many notes I took and slaved over one chapter! But oh well, I know all about the deep south in the 1960s! Interesting stuff!
I love working by the natural light.
 My hard work pays off... for bragging rights. I actually love taking notes. I love the way the pen glides on a new sheet of notebook paper. Being a writer, I love that any time! Mostly note taking notes though.
I have been doing homework on and off all day today! Watching Designing Women on and off all day today and blogging on and off all day today! 
That is my weekend story, and I'm sorry if there are any misspellings, I don't think there are any, but if there is any misspellings, I was typing this so fast because I want to get to bed on time... lol.
And sorry for an off-kilter structure to my blogging... I know I wrote in a different style this time.
The Sky Fisherman always makes me feel like a red neck in my mind after I get done reading it. Makes me speak like a red neck... in my mind... after I get done reading it. 
This weekend was pretty productive, and I got a lot of blogging done on Tumblr and on here actually!
I love blogging, and I am obviously obsessed with it.
I think I do a pretty good job, to make a not-so-exciting weekend sound exciting and make it pretty with my photo editing... I am really not trying to sound conceited or brag. Just proud of my work and what I do to get it there. 
I'm beat tired, so I'm signing off!
Ciao folks.