Best Friends Sleep Over!

Last Friday, I went over to my best friend, Libby's house. Karen was there but Ali wasn't :( she was helping with her little sister's middle school play. We went to the play and it was very good! All those kids worked so hard in the play. It was The Music Man and other than a couple of quirks, it was swell! Ali was a manager and since she wasn't able to come to the sleep over, I got a picture of her at the play so she could be included in the post! Were gonna have another sleepover, hopefully with all the girls! They are fabulous. I also added some flare to the photos to make the pictures girly and cute! tee hee.
And since she was not able to be there, we filled up some candy boxes for her so we could take them to her on Monday. We also gave her some cookies since I made cookies. 
So, here is Karen and Libby filling up Ali's candy box with bulk candy from WinCo! Yummmmm.
I love sour candy.
Who doesn't?
We had sour gummy worms; chocolate covered gummy bears, regular gummy bears, sour caramel apple suckers, sour watermelons, fortune cookies, and those peach ring things. Sooo good.
We were already chowing down before this, but this is where it starts our candy binge! 
Candy Binging is ok. Especially when you go some days without eating candy at all! 
Although, after Easter, I have accumulated so much candy. I don't know what to do with it all. I eat a little bit at a time.
After we put together the candy boxes for Ali, we gathered all the candy and cookies up and we went into the FIRST living room. I like to call it that because Libby has two living rooms and two TV rooms. One of them is a fancy living room when you first walk into the door, and also when you walk into her house, there is an office with a TV in it. We watch most of the TV in there. But in this picture, we were in the First living room because that is where you can be comfortable and stuff. You can also be comfortable in the first living room, but it's very fancy. She has a lovely house. 
We were watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. That show is one of my favorites and it is so interesting.
After that, we headed into the office where her big TV is, and we set up our beds and watched Keith with Jesse McCartney. I love that movie, but Libby said it was bit weird. It can be weird... but I just love it because Jesse is in it. I am still a Jesse fan! proud of it.
We fell asleep at about 1:30 to 2:00. I am sure it was more toward 2:00 AM. When we woke up, Karen was gone because she had to leave very early (7:45) to go to her boyfriend's uncle's birthday in Eugene. I think that's what she said... 
so then we were down to two girls. 
We got up, and went into the kitchen and  put together our breakfast plates...
Doughnuts from Franz! YUMMM, Strawberries; cantaloupe; orange slices, and chocolate chip cookies! 
Quite the breakfast.
Karen, Libby and Ali told me about this combination... Strawberries and glazed doughnuts. Eating them together is so good! Well, I tried it because that's what we had for breakfast, and I LOVE IT. It is very very good.
You take a bite of strawberry, you can leave it in your mouth while you take a bite of glazed doughnut and you eat them together.  Sooo super yum.
I always have such a great time with these girls! 
They are really great friends and I'm so glad I have them in my life.
Thank you Lord for blessing me with such awesome friends!