Sunday Adventure

Yesterday, my dad took us up to Sandy and we went to this forest park. Our family ritiual is we always BBQ chicken or hot dogs on provided park BBQ'rs. We do this at the beach and at Wahkeena falls a lot. We wanted to go somewhere different. When we got there, we decided to explore while my dad was cooking the chicken. Near the creek, there was this building, somewhat ground level. We went inside and it was an underwaterwater viewing chamber! Too bad there were not any fish. 
We came back and checked the progress of the chicken. It had only been on the BBQ for not very long. I looked around our little site and found a patch of pretty clover. Of course I tried to find a four leaf clover. I had no luck. 
Another little forest treasure I found was a large, live sbail shell. I have never seen a snail shell that big just out in the wild! It was very cool! 
My dad wanted to walk around more of the park and explore a bit, so we walked farther than what my mom, sister and I did. We down to the river and it was gorgeous! I do these fairy finds where I snap pictures of different wilderness/nature areas that look like fairy gathering places or something. I found a cute, gorgeous area right on the river bank! It was very cool! 
After we looked around at the other sites you could cook and build a fire in the fire pits, we walked back to our site and the chicken still wasn't done! I wasn't getting that hungry because we had chips and stuff, but it was ridiculous that it was taking so long to cook! It was getting to be kinda late and we were worried they would lock the gate on us. Sure enough, the park host drove up and said it was 7:30 and we knew that. We talked to him a bit and he gave in (without much convincing) and he let us stay for 30 more minutes! We were trying to hurry and cook up our chicken. Hoping it would get done in time so we could eat it at our little wilderness site. But we didn't get it done in time... It was 7:50 and the chicken was still on the grill. We hurriedly packed it up in tin foil and put everything in the car. I drove home from there and got us home safely. We drove all that way up to farther Sandy, the foot hills of Mt. Hood just to cook our chicken. Interesting day... Ha!
This was a trial for my iPhone. I got my iPhone last Saturday for my birthday, and I wanted to blog with it! I think it did an 'ok' job, but not the quality it needs from an actual computer keyboard. 
I will still continue to blog from my iPhone because it's very fun I can blog on the go. 
Have a great day!!!