Saturday Ramblings

Today has been awesome! I got up and blogged, finished wrapping my headphones and talked with Brittney. She told me all about The Hunger Games which I still need to read. It sounds very exciting and interesting! I'm very excited to read that. 
I finally finished wrapping my headphones! I started it at the end of spring break, and just finished them now. It didn't take me all that time to wrap them, I sort of took a little break from wrapping them. They look awesome!! I am so happy with them. I just hope my headphones don't stop working soon... I have had these head phones for 2 years AND last year, during track, I left them in one of my pockets and my mom ended up washing them on accident. They work perfectly fine and everything since we put them in rice for 4 days. Yes, I have other head phones, but these head phones fit and stay in my ears the best. I have very narrow ears, and it's hard to find GOOD headphones. 
I used embroidery floss and super glue to help put them together...
Here is what they look like.
I have a lot of pictures of them because I am so proud of them and I love how they look. I got the idea from Pinterest. 
This is from 'ada:)' on Pinterest and her wrapped headphones...
Now these are mine... that I worked very hard on...
They are so cute! I love them. 
I have tons of Easter candy left! So, this morning I took my candy and unwrapped a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and I had 3 wrappers. My mom has always told me that more than 1 wrapper is GOOD LUCK! I had 3 wrappers! I remember a time where I had like 6 wrappers on my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
Punky had a relaxing day too...
I can't wait to get my iPhone 4S and use my headphones. I know they aren't any different, but just using them is fun because they are colorful! And cute and different! 
My kitty loves to sleep, and now he is watching Golden Girls, no joke.
Time for Pot Stickers.