Grandpa Kirby's 90th Birthday Celebration!

It's most amazing that my great grandpa Kirby has been around 90 years! God bless him. My Grandpa Kirby is suffering from dementia, and it's very sad to see him like this, but thankful he is still alive. We all gathered at his house for his little party yesterday, on Earth Day! I made cupcakes on Saturday and my grandma and I decorated them. We had a little veggie platter, and the cupcakes with some iced tea and juice. It was so pretty outside that we took the party on outside after we sang 'Happy Birthday'!
And yes, some of these photos are edited. 
This is my Great Grandpa Kirby.
These are the cute cupcakes for his birthday!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!
I really love this picture, it's pretty cute and it shows him making his 90th wish!
We moved the party to outside, since it was so nice and sunny outside. My little cousins were playing outside and Brittney and I and the folks were playing with them. 
This is my baby cousin Raelyn, and I believe she is chewing on a Little People toy.
My grandpa opened up his cards and presents, there was this one card from my Uncle Mike I believe that said, "Old Man Kirby". It was cute.
He got a lot of cards, and the present was from my family and my aunt Shawna's family. (Biggs and Jensen)
Here is him opening the present and receiving two Jim Reeves CDs. He has records, but they are starting to get warped and not sound as nice as they used to. So CDs will do the trick! And Grandpa Kirby likes Jim Reeves!
My Great-Grandpa Kirby is a very special man. I love him so much and I enjoy spending what time I have left with him. Thank you God for blessing me with such a great family!
Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa Kirby!
I love you!