Busy Busy Me

Hello All! Wow, I haven't blogged in two weeks! I'm getting kinda stressed about it... I don't know why. I always get stressed when planning a new blog project when there is nothing to blog about. Well, that is not true, I have plenty of things to do and projects to complete, like I need to finish wrapping my headphones. It shouldn't take me this long to wrap them, but I keep putting it off. Also, I can blog about track! We had a meet on Wednesday, and I am a little bummed about it. I didn't get the marks I wanted, but I have been injured and I'm still recovering. I made it worse by running the 4x4 and slightly pulling it again. It'll heal, hopefully soon, because the JV season has only 3 weeks left. CRAZY. Time flies by so fast. 
Moving on to bigger and better things, my birthday is coming up in 16 days! I get my present in 15 days. I am getting the iPhone 4S for my birthday. I'm pretty excited! 
I've got my birthday party all planned out, it's not going to be a big sweet sixteen bash, but it will be something different that I have never done for a birthday party of mine. Speaking of birthdays, last week was my little cousin Raelyn's first birthday! I went over to my aunt Shawna's house to help with the party. It was so much fun. Making cupcakes and decorating. I took some pictures with my Aunt Shawna's camera, since mine died. I took some very cute pictures... of course with her being a wiggly baby, and all over the place, the pictures are a bit wobbly.
She is so small, we put her in this giant birthday bag! She didn't cry or throw a fit. It's not abuse... haha
These are the cupcakes that we made. We found the idea on Pinterest and my Aunt Shawna decided to center the birthday party around butterflies, A butterfly themed birthday. Very cute.
My plans for today are mostly going to be little projects and reviews and of course homework. I have two math assignments this time since I couldn't go to math because of the track meet. I had to leave early to go to the track meet, therefore I was not able to go to math, which doesn't worry me anymore because I am basically all caught up with notes and things. Feeling pretty good about it all. 
So, the projects that I will blog about today are: My head phone wrapping; and an avocado mask. My mom and I went grocery shopping and avocados were cheap, we got a few of them so I could make a real avocado mask! A natural avocado mask!
I will also be doing a review on some facial products today. I found a whole bunch of different facial products at Grocery Outlet. I have never really been in there before, but when I went the first time, I looked at their facial products and they carry tons of organic facial products, the best name brands and it's all for cheap! I couldn't believe it. I am so in love with facial products, I basically collect them! 
Not that I have bad skin, because I don't have bad skin, it's just that I love the way certain facial washes or scrubs or masks feel on my face. Some of them do different things, and it's fun to try them out! 
I also have some plans for my blog, some updates and add-ons. At the track meet, I was surrounded by couples. It was cute. It gave several book ideas, and my friend Shayla said I should write about them on my blog. So, soon, I am going to make another page for this story! I don't have anything about this story down yet, I need to create a frame and characters so I know where I am going to go with this, but for now, I am just going to watch couples and 'study' them for my story. That sounds so stalker-ish, but it's not like I'm going to follow them around. Just watch them and smile at their cute-ness.
I also need to update my book box. I am now reading a book called, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It's for Honors English. Most of the books we read in Honors English are very interesting (except Julius Caesar). I had some doubts about The Alchemist when I first started reading it, but now that I have read farther into the book, it's pretty interesting. So, I need to update my book box.
That has been my week! 
I will blog more today!