These Past Two Weeks...

These past two weeks have been full of stuff to blog about, but my computer has been down, and it just got fixed today! I was so happy, so happy! These past two weeks have been interesting. Last, last weekend, I went to New Seasons in Clackamas with my Aunt Shawna. Last weekend, I went to New Seasons in Portland with my Aunt, mom and sister. We had quite an escapade... anyway, on Tuesday, I had a late start day and went to Joe's Doughnuts in Sandy and had a wonderful maple bar! 
So... last, last weekend, I went to New Seasons in Clackamas with my Aunt Shawna. I had previously made a list of Badger balms I wanted to get, so I was looking forward to scratching one of them off my list. I had bought   a Badger balm during Christmas break at the Portland New Seasons, and I love the Sleep Balm. This time, I bought a Stress Soother balm, and it smells wonderful! (Review in Organic Finds Review!)
So, recently, I have been obsessed with Badger Balms...
In my Eco Emi February Box, I received a chap stick by Eco Lips, with the flavor of Dagoba chocolate Lavender. I wanted to find the Dagoba organic chocolate in Lavender flavor at New Seasons. I knew New Seasons had Dagoba chocolate, as I have had it before. I was a little disappointed when they didn't have JUST the lavender kind, but they had Lavender Blueberry kind. I also decided to pick up the Chai flavored one because I knew that one was wonderful. I bought a little bar of Lavender Blueberry, and a big Chai candy bar. Next time, I'm getting the big bar of Lavender Blueberry!
There was also a coupon "on-site", so I saved $.50! (Review in Organic Finds Review)
Last weekend, we ventured out to Seven Corners New Seasons Market on Division ST. I wanted to see if they had any different Badger balms. They did! They had one of them that I really wanted, especially for track! Badger Balm Sore Muscle Rub. I wanted to get the Badger Balm Sore Muscle Rub Extra-Strength, but they didn't have it, so I will have to order it from the site. 
I was so excited about my find! I got the smaller one, not because it's cheaper, but just to try it out! (Review in Organic Finds Review!)
We also got some more of our tea tree shampoo from Shikai. I love the conditioner too, but we wanted to try a different conditioner... still Tea Tree, but a different brand... Giovanni. I'm excited to try it! 
Since I'm really into essential oils now, I have been wanting to get a bunch of different kinds of oils. Tea Tree oils has been #2 on my list, and lavender oil has been #1 on my list. Lavender oil is always expensive, so I'm waiting on a coupon. At the Seven Corners New Seasons, the Aura Cacia Tea Tree oil was on sale! So of course, I had to get it, because I also had a coupon to save a $1.00! I got the oil for $5.99. It seems cheap, but this oil is %100 percent pure. I can't wait to get the lavender oil. The next #2 on my list is Bergamot oil. 
This cheese is my favorite of all time! I usually am not a big White Chedder Cheese fan, but this Sharp White Chedder cheese is absolutely wonderful and such a yummy taste! Jeremiah's Hand Crafted Wisconsin Raw Milk Sharp White Chedder Cheese! I first sampled it at the Clackamas New Seasons, and LOVED it. Then I got it and used it in my sandwiches, and we ran out and had to get more. I absolutely love this cheese. It has a mild salty flavor, but that sharpness of aged cheese. It's perfect!
When I went to the Seven Corners New Seasons during Christmas break, I got a lavender tea from Tulsi tea (The Tao Of Tea) and I loved it! Whenever I go back to the Clackamas New Seasons, I can never find it, so I figured it was just a location thing, they had the lavender flavor one at certain locations. Well, when we went to the Seven Corners New Seasons on Sunday, I was expecting to find my lavender tea from Tulsi, but they didn't have it either! I was very sad, so I got a new flavor to try. Tulsi Pure. (Review in Organics Finds Review!)
I'm not going bash New Seasons, I love that store... but an employee at the Seven Corners New Seasons got mad at me for taking pictures of their bread....... the many dots are the "yeah... bread... stupid" It is a stupid company policy!  I snuck a picture... I took the picture because Seven Corners New Seasons organic sourdough bread is so huge! It's crazy! But I guess this picture is contraband... and we bought our own organic sourdough bread, so I took it home and took a picture of it! 
This picture is of it in the store.
Tuesday, I had a late start day. It also snowed! We dropped off Brittney, because her school doesn't have two hour late start, but mine does. After we dropped Brittney off, we headed into Sandy and went to Joe's Donuts! Joe's is known in Oregon from far and wide and they have THE BEST donuts around. Also in Sandy, there was TONS of snow.
Well... this place didn't have much snow... but more snow will come up...
Now for Joe's Donuts, brought back memories of 8th grade when people would bring in Joe's Donuts for our Friday mornings. Every Friday morning, we would have doughnuts! They are so YUM!
And of course, my dad wanted to take a picture of me in front of the shop.... (This is the nicer one)
(This is the funny one... the wind was blowing, and  made my hair go kinda crazy, and it made me laugh...)
Oh yum!
Joe's Donuts are not that expensive either. It's a fun little place to go to. The people are friendly there :)
I got myself a maple bar, always get the maple bar. They are my favorite!
My dad got the huge, cinnamon doughnut I posted above... He always spoils me. haha.
When we left Joe's Donuts, we still had some time to kill, so we wanted to go deeper into Sandy to find more snow. We found more snow! Even as we were driving, we found more snow.... This is March 5th everyone.
And then we drove up this one road, and we kept driving, and pretty soon, our tire tracks were the only ones that had gone through the snow. It was kinda cool!
My foot prints in the snow...
Pretty snow scene...
My dad started making a snowball... we were obviously not planning on this escapade, so we didn't have 'snow clothes' on. haha
These past two weeks have been a lot of fun! I wish I could have blogged sooner, but I get busy and or the computer breaks down. But it's all fixed! And I'm back to blogging! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful week! 
Happy Friday everyone!


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