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I like to mess around on Pinterest and when I come across something interesting that is easy to do, I go out and do it! Pinterest is my main idea giver :) I love journals and diaries and writing, and I came across this one pin, Pretty Journaling and It's just so cute! I have always wanted to write spirals in a journal, but tried it once, and it didn't work out. I sharpened my color pencils, got my favorite pen, and a journal that my cousins gave me a couple years back for my 8th grade graduation, and I began to write! I just wrote down what has been going on in my life lately :) 
I attempted the New Seasons logo, but didn't come out how I wanted... oh well. I love my little coffee cups...
Writing in spiral was kinda fun! You have a lot more space when you write smaller and in spiral! It's very cool. I am going to attempt more pretty paper things and of course blog about them. 
This is a fun, girly way to journal. If  you keep an every day diary, you could spice up the way you write :)
If you like to draw, or color, or use colored pencils/gel pens/ markers/crayons, draw little pictures that go with your entry! 
My girlies: Libby, Karen, Ali, and me. I also attempted to draw a baguette and some brie.
I am really proud of my little herb garden I drew :)
It's so cute!
This is a comparison between the Pinterest pin and my own handy work...
I love doing cute things with paper. This is so creative. I'm gonna try hard to perfect my spiral writing :)
Of course there will be more Pretty Paper Things posts :)


  1. Hello! I found your blog via paperblog. Great journaling items. I am your newest follower and look forward to reading your blog!

    1. Awww, I forgot I was apart of paperblog. This is really cool! I always look forward and welcome new followers. I love journaling and writing and finding awesome ways to write :)

    2. I wish commenting was more efficient, especially on blogger. I never know what people say back to me and conversations tend to get lost. Anyway, thanks for following back and I'm glad we've connected! I've see that show about strange addictions... the one episode I watched was a guy eating light bulbs. Ha! Talk to you soon.

    3. Eating light bulbs!? That's different... haha. Of course! Talk to you soon!


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