Organic Finds Reviews!

I have decided to switch my normal text color to a 'green' for my organic finds :) I love organic things, and my two trips to New Seasons, I have accumulated many organic things for my reviews to let you know about them. :) and just to blog about my ramblings. :) Very excited to share with you the organic products that I'm so very proud of, and I love so much. In this Organic Finds Review, I will be reviewing: 
These are some wonderful products! I am going to go in order with the list. 
The first product of my interest is Shikai Tea Tree Shampoo (Website in list) 
I am really intrigued by the feel of Tea Tree on my scalp. It doesn't burn, it tingles and soothes. The minty feeling is exhilarating and almost energy giving. The smell is fantastic and actually gives my hair a clean feel! It makes my hair soft, and helps with it's natural curl. 
I give this product a rating of 5/5 with ***** 5 stars!
(Picture above. The clear bottle beside the Tulsi tea :) The orange-ish colored bottle.)
These next products are just simply amazing. They actually work! The Badger Balms.
 First, Badger Sleep Balm. I got this balm during Christmas break of 2011, and the nights I have trouble sleeping, I just swipe some of this on the back of my neck, I rub it into my temples, and I put a little bit on my chest. The lovely, calming aroma of lavender and bergamot help me fall asleep faster and easier. I love it. 
Next is the Stress Soother. This balm is probably my favorite. With the aroma of tangerine and rosemary. I apply this balm to the back of my neck, under my ears, and to my temples. The scent is really strong, and it calms me down after a stressful day. Last Monday, I was having a meltdown. I put the Stress Soother on before bed, and it helped me unwind. It's not the same as the Sleep Balm, but it adds to it for a better 'unwinding' experience. 
Puis, or next is the Sore Muscle Rub. The day I got this (March 4th, Sunday), I had a headache. I was probably from me squinting my eyes because the sun unexpectedly came out from behind the clouds. I used my sore muscle rub and applied it on my temples over my eye brows. In a few seconds, my headache was gone. It was wonderful. I apply this everywhere. Lately, I have been applying it to my shins, my neck, my right ankle, my shoulders, and temples. This is a MUST HAVE for track athletes with bad shin splints or any sore muscle. 
I give these products a rating of 5/5. ***** 5 stars! 
I have had Dagoba chocolate before, and it's very good! Dagoba puts little seasonings in their chocolate, it adds much more than a zing, the little flavor-ites put a whole WOWZA in the bar.
 The Lavender Blueberry chocolate bar was so delightful. It wasn't over powering, and the blueberry gives it a fresh little buzz. It had a very lovely taste and I could taste the lavender. I love lavender. 
<Lavender Blueberry: Rating 5/5 and ***** 5 stars!>
Dagoba Chai I have had before. I love tea tasting things, and this is completely like a tea flavored chocolate. In this bar, the chai is just a tad over powering, but it's still fantastic! The taste is very tea like.
<Chai rating is 3/5. *** 3 stars>
Lately, I have been dabbling and researching in essential oils and their awesome healing "powers". I already had Eucalyptus oil, but I wanted to add to it, and my collection will get bigger. I'm excited for it. But for now, I'm reviewing Aura Cacia Tea Tree essential oil. What I do with my tea tree oil is I put a drop of it in my facial wash/facial scrub to help heal and prevent acne. It also works like a secondary eucalyptus oil, it helps with colds and clearing the nasal passages. The tea tree oil smell isn't my favorite, but since I've been using it, I see a difference in my skin. I don't have bad acne problems, I just get a blemish here and there, but the blemishes make me depressed, so using the tea tree oil helps clear them up so fast! You can also put the tea tree oil directly on the blemish, you can put it in the face wash, or just directly on the blemish. I have tried it, and it does not hurt your skin, it helps it. :) You can also use tea tree oil for so much more than health and skin. You can use it for cleaning. A natural surface cleaner- 10 drops of tea tree oil and 1 and 1/2 cups of water in a spray bottle, spray on non-wood surfaces, and there ya are! 
<Tea Tree essential oil rating: 5/5 ***** 5 stars!>
When I drink The Tao of Tea: Tulsi tea, I feel cleansed inside. Also when I'm drinking it, It really feels pure and natural. No added sweetness. It's not sweetened at all. It's just perfect! Tulsi Pure has a slight peppery taste to it. When I read that on the label, I visioned in my head me drinking pepper seasonings. That's not it at all. When I drink it, and keep it on my tongue for a few seconds, you can taste the peppery taste. It's just a slight spicy zing to it. It's cooling and refreshing. :)
<Tulsi Pure rating 5/5! ***** 5 stars!>
All of these products are organic and simply amazing! 
I love these products because they improve your well-being and all around wellness :)