Mighty Leaf: Chocolate Mint Truffle [Organic Tea Review]

In my February Eco Emi box, I received a tea pouch. Mighty Leaf Chocolate Mint Truffle. I couldn't wait to taste it! Chocolate teas are wonderful. I have tasted many kinds of chocolate tea, chocolate mint from Teavana, and Chocolate Hazelnut from Stash. And of course the chocolate bubble teas I have along the way. Mighty Leaf's Chocolate Mint Truffle tea was delightful! I enjoyed it's subtle minty essence and it's chocolatey smell. It is an herbal tea, and you feel good after you drink it. Chocolate makes me smile, so of course this tea made me smile. It was very nice. For a box of this tea (15 pouches) it is $7.46 (on sale). That is the cheapest option :) 
I also put some Trader Joe's Cocoa Truffles along with the tea, just for looks of course :) 
(These are my favorite truffles! Trader Joe's truffles are absolutely amazing!)
It took 5 minutes to become fully brewed, to get the perfect flavor that this tea was meant for. 
I like how the tea bag is fabric and mesh baggish over paper. The papery filter bags are okay, but I prefer the meshy bags over paper. Just ups the quality of the tea.
I also thought it was cute how they did stitches for the tale and up the side of the bag. It added an adorable effect to the tea bag. 
I tried to pick a tea cup that would best suit the tea. I really need to get some glass tea cups for my tea reviews. Glass tea cups just seem more professional and you can see the color of the tea better. I used a white tea cup which was perfectly fine :)
As you can see, the tips of the truffles melted a little bit, and got chocolate on the side of the tea cup. 
(tee hee)
I would have liked a little more potent chocolatey flavor, but it was good the way it was. It is herbal tea, and you don't want an overpowering chocolatey taste. 
I give this tea a rating of 4/5 **** 4 stars! 
I would buy this tea. It's very good and tasty. It's warming and relaxing. :) 
With chocolate teas, I like to add a little bit of creamer to it, like the Coffee Mate Belgian Chocolate coffee creamer, or any kind of chocolate creamer. It boosts up the chocolate taste :)
Here is the Mighty Leaf website for more teas: http://www.mightyleaf.com/index.cfm