Intro To Spring Break: A Recap :)

Hello all! I have been very busy this past week, finishing up a paper for History class, and getting ready for Spring Break and track. It's been stressful and emotional, but now it's Spring Break and I have had a very good start. Wednesday, my friend Kirsten invited me to Eagle Crest for the weekend. I was so excited, and I talked to my parents about it and of course they said I could go. Wednesday night, I looked out the window (for some odd reason, I just wanted to look out the window) and I saw that our car was completely covered by snow. I couldn't believe it. Tomorrow would be the start of Spring Break, and it's snowing the night before. I kind of hoped we wouldn't have school  on Thursday, but I kinda wanted school to happen so I could turn my History paper in. Thursday morning, we ended up having a two hour late start, which was perfect because it gave me more time to pack for my trip. Started Spring Break off with a snow day! I had a track meet on Thursday as well. I was so excited about my trip, and nervous about my event, (800 meter). At the track meet, just before my event, I was jogging lightly and warming up with the girls, running around the parking lot, and my side started to hurt A LOT. It hurt to continue running so I just stopped running and began to walk, and pressed my side, hoping that would help it. It didn't really help. My leg also started to hurt. I pulled my hamstring last Wednesday during a sprinting race. I am not a sprinter. So, my leg hurt and my side hurt, I was a mess. I talked to my event coach and I told him I wanted to scratch (be taken from the event, not do the even). He said it was fine and so I didn't run on Thursday. I felt bad about it, but I can't run with a hurt leg that is trying to heal. Hamstrings take a little while to heal. Hopefully by the end of Spring Break, it will be healed. But for the side aches, I guess I just have to run at a slower pace than JOGGING for them not to flare up again. Everything will turn out. :) So.... later on Thursday, after my track meet, I went over to Kirsten's house to go to Eagle Crest. We piled all our luggage in the car and piled ourselves in the car and began our journey. When we drove up to Mt. Hood, I couldn't believe how much snow had piled up. It was insane! As we got up to the Bend area, there were just little patches of snow. That's also what it was in Eagle Crest too. Just little patches of snow on the grass outside our condo.
The first night, Thursday night, we got into our condo and settled in briefly and then went to bed. It had been a long day, but fun at that. That was the beginning of my Spring break :)