Grains and Thaings (Things)

On Wednesday, my dad took me to Franz outlet store. We got a bunch of different kinds of breads and things, as well as doughnut holes :) but it inspired me to do a post about grains and breads and healthy substitutes to take place for the snacks that some high schoolers grab for first, like the chips and cookies and such. Too much grain and wheat isn't good either, but these are just little ideas for snacks and a meal. (Or for breakfast, or little lunch).
I chose Franz Multigrain English Muffins for a breakfast/mid morning snack. I added just a smithering of butter because I like a little butter on my bread. English muffins have this kind of chewy texture, but it's still of course bread. I also like the sourdough English muffins, but I ate the last one yesterday morning. Each one is only 100 calories, and if you add some milk or orange juice, a banana and a bowl of cheerios, you have a well rounded breakfast :)
For lunch, or mid afternoon snack, I chose Franz Plain Mini Bagels. You can make a little turkey sandwich out of mini bagels. You can get mini bagels in all kinds of flavors. Slab on some cream cheese, fold some turkey and lay it on the bagel, and sandwich the turkey together with the bagel. These are also only 100 calories each bagel, and if you want to keep a low fat diet, get LITE cream cheese and deli turkey from your store's deli.
For lunch or dinner, I chose Celentano by Rosina Cheese Raviolis mini rounds. I love these because they are ALL NATURAL! If you have kept up with my blog, or if you know me personally, you know I love natural and organic things. I added spices and herbs to the sauce to taste :)
I used Chunky RAGU: Tomato, Garlic and Onion to smother the raviolis with.
It was very yum!
With the marinara sauce, I poured about 2 cups into a sauce pan, let it simmer on low heat and I shook some basil, thyme, rosemary, and garlic powder into the sauce. It came out divine! I also grabbed some salad from the fridge and put a dab of Hidden Valley Ranch on the salad, and I used New Season's Organic Sourdough bread to make garlic bread. My dad inspired me with this trick to make garlic bread a little more flavorful. Splash some balsamic vinaigrette on the bread and kind of spread it around. Sprinkle a dash of garlic powder, shower some rosemary on it and bake at 290 degrees for about
 3-5 minutes. Here is what the meal looks like all together: The Raviolis, salad and bread ....
I sprinkled some extra basil and rosemary on top of the raviolis, just for decoration and of course taste.
These are a few suggestions for better eating. While shopping for bread, try to find the whole grain or whole wheat. Don't get just the wheat bread when there are tons of better choices out there. Sourdough isn't the best for you, but it does taste wonderful! If you love sourdough like I do, find the organic kind or eat it in moderation. :) I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe I have introduced you to some yummy food choices :)
Happy healthy eating everyone! 
Have a fabulous week!