Fourth Day: Eagle Crest :( :) Last Day.

Fourth Day... Last day at Eagle Crest. I slept in kinda late.... well... not too late. Got up around 9:30 to 9:45. Everybody started getting up and making breakfast. We didn't get to watch A Midnight In Paris the previous night, so we put it in while breakfast was being made and while we ate breakfast. I fixed up my hot chocolate and coffee. Sat down and relaxed while watching the movie. For breakfast, we had pancakes again. I LOVE pancakes. Two pancake breakfasts on this trip. I was really happy! We quickly ate the breakfast, watched a bit more of the movie, than I went into the bedroom and started packing. My suitcase literally exploded and clothes were everywhere. It bugged me a little bit that I didn't keep myself organized. Oh well, I was on vacation! I organized myself and got myself all packed. Got dressed and we were all in packing mode then. The movie was turned off and everybody was packing up their stuff and making sure we didn't leave too much work for the maids. We got it all packed up and it was like a puzzle fitting it all into the car, but sometimes with a puzzle, you have to tape the pieces together... and stick it in random spots... well... with a weird puzzle. We drove out and checked out of the condo, and were going to leave Eagle Crest. We drove by the signs and stopped. I hadn't gotten a chance to take pictures of the Eagle Crest sign... so I did it through the car window.
I was happy that I at least got pictures of the signs. I wanted that the most! 
We drove through the left side of Eagle Crest and looked at all the big houses and made our way to the highway. We were then on our way to Sisters, OR! I love that little town. It's so cute and quaint!
We all split up, Meg and Dan went on their own, Cambria and Vanessa went on their own and Kirsten and I went on our own! I really wanted to go to Abigails On Main. This cute little shop with specialty gifts from Northwest! 
It was exciting to learn that they have a blog now!
You can also visit their Etsy shop! They have some pretty cute things there.
A couple years back, my sister bought some chap sticks from Abigails. She loves these chap sticks, but recently was running out of the chap sticks, and using them all up. I wanted to get her some more chap sticks. We went into Abigails...
(picture from , Thanks!)
They have a bunch of bath and body products. Natural lotions and scrubs. Essential oils and things. Flax  pillows and kitchen things. They have jellies and jams and candles and chocolates. Lots of cute little knick-knacks. I couldn't find the chap sticks for a while, but when I passed the counter, they were sitting right there. I was so excited! I purchased three kinds: Huckleberry; Mango; Cucumber Melon.
I knew Brittney liked Mango, but I wasn't sure what other flavor she liked, so I just got Huckleberry for her and I decided to get a Cucumber Melon one for me. They were 3 for $6.00, good price! 
We wanted to go get coffee next, so we met up with Kirsten's parents at a cute little shop called The Stitchin Post. 
It's a little shop with sewing materials, yarn and knitting things. Felting materials and so on. In the other part of the shop, there were candles and plates and bath and body things and dish washing soap with laundry detergent! It was a heaven for me. Super cute things. 
On this one cart, this one brand CALDREA had a bunch of cleaning things, like dish soap and laundry detergent and lotions and potions. They also had these note pads for designated lists. They had Grocery list, Cleaning list and Errand list. They had 1 Grocery List note pad left and I wanted it so bad. I didn't know how much the coffee would be later, and we were going to get frozen yogurt too, plus more shopping, so I didn't know if I wanted it that bad. But it was sooo cute! 
We left the Stitchin' Post and went next door to a really cute Frozen Yogurt place called Cuppa Yo!
Inside was sooo retro and cool!
I got the flavor, "Cable Car Chocolate."
For my topping, I put M&M's and little strawberry squishy gummy things. 
Again, I was ready to pay for it, and Dan and Meg said it was their treat. I couldn't believe it! I was so thankful and I said thank you and it was very very nice of them. 
We all sat down to eat our yogurt. 
My camera wasn't working out the way I wanted it to... ughhh....
Kirsten read the container and thought it was gluten free.... a gluten free container! baha! We all knew it was describing the yogurt. The container was also an Ecotainer...
I looove Frozen Yogurt. It's refreshing and healthy, depending on the topping and it's a great substitute for Ice Cream! After we ate our frozen yogurt, we went to an antique and looked around. I have been in all the antique shops in Sisters before, their antique shops are so cute and unique! Full of wonderful antiques and old things. They are fabulous!
After that, we finally went to get coffee at Sisters Coffee Company!
I have heard their coffee was phenomenal! And it is!
This coffee house was also set up lodge like, and it actually had game on the wall, like hunted animals... 
I ordered a small cappuccino (dry) with extra foam!
At first they gave me a plain white cup without the name of the coffee company on it. I really wanted the name on the cup. But I thought, oh well. When I got my coffee, I sat down on the couch at Sisters Coffee Company, and sipped my coffee while taking pictures. Vanessa got her coffee and came over, but she had an extra cup in her hand, an empty cup for me with the company name on it. I said thank you and took the coffee cup and transferred my cappuccino into the medium sized Sisters Coffee cup. 
The lighting sucked, so the pictures aren't that great :(
I wanted to get a good picture of the sign above the mantel... but they kept turning out blurry.
I was really sad :(
Another picture of the sign while eating lunch...
Before we ate lunch, I wanted to go shop around a bit more. We went to a few cute shops that sell little trinkets and paper and cards and candy. Nothing compared to the grocery list I really wanted.... so I went back to the Stitchin Post, and bought the grocery list. I had plenty money left for the grocery list and I was soooo excited that I got it!
Then it was time for lunch. Meg had made some sandwiches back at the condo for us so we wouldn't have to buy anything for lunch and for a healthy alternative than fast food or restaurant.
I had a tuna sandwich with pickles and lettuce in it. It was super yummy! 
After lunch, we got in the car for the LONG drive back to Estecada. 
We drove through Madras and Bend, lots of country side. I love pretty country side pictures. I tried to take some in the car... 
(They are a wee bit edited)
When we got to Mt. Hood, there were tons of SNOW! Lots of left over snow. 
On the road, it was gross and brown and gray snow. But up by the trees, it was white!
pure white!
They are a little blurry since I took them in a moving car. 
It was a wonderful, wonderful trip! I couldn't ask for better people to vacation with. I felt so comfortable and I didn't feel like I was walking on egg shells at all! Kirsten's family have been my family ever since Sunday school when we were really little. They are like my second family and I am so thankful to have wonderful friends like them! 
Thank you Georgeson family! I love you all!


  1. Looks like a really fun trip, what great pictures!

    1. Oh thank you! I was worried they would be really blurry when I took them. It was such a fun trip!


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