First Day: Eagle Crest :)

The first day, Friday. I woke up, but didn't get out of bed. I was so tired and relaxed. Wondering what we would do today. I tried to go back to sleep, seeing that it was only 8:13. I didn't hear anybody in the living room outside the door, so I just closed my eyes and tried to relax. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I just went on twitter and looked at the silly tweets. I finally got up, and Kirsten got up too and we went into the living room seeing that the table was set for breakfast.
 Cambria (Kirsten's sister) and Cambria's friend, Vanessa, were playing WII. We sat down on the couch and turned on the TODAY show and Kelly Pickler was being interviewed. The tea kettle whistled loudly and Kirsten's dad said the water was ready for hot chocolate. There were two different kinds, milk chocolate with mini marshmallows or dark chocolate. Of course, I chose the dark chocolate. I got a mug from the cabinet and I ripped open the hot chocolate packet and poured the contents in the mug. I poured the water into the mug and stirred it. It wasn't watery like most hot chocolate is. It was super yummy and perfect. Not too sweet, and definitely not watery. A few minutes later, it was time to sit down at the table and eat. Dan, (Kirsten's dad) made  pancakes and eggs and Meg (Kirsten's mom) cut up some cantaloupe. We served ourselves the delicious breakfast and sat down, again.We ate and cleaned up the kitchen, then Kirsten and I went back to our room and went back into our beds and just relaxed. We looked at magazines and I read twitter and my Real Simple magazine while Meg and Dan went to store for some lunch and dinner things. When they came back, we had hard time deciding on what to do. Swimming or just driving around looking at everything. We decided on both. We quickly got ready and packed our swimsuits in our bags and got in the car. We wanted to get coffee first, so we drove into the village and stopped by this little quaint coffee shop called, Silver Leaf Cafe Espresso and Wine. 
I asked the girl behind the counter if it was 'ok' that I took pictures of the inside, she said it was 'ok'. I didn't want another incident like I had at New Seasons... stupid policy!
The inside was quaint and country like that. Wood floors and very 'lodge like'
I ordered a small cappuccino. At new coffee places that I have never been to before, I always order a small, just in case I don't like their coffee. Also, it's cheaper and all I can drink.
I loved their chairs. They had cute coffee cup carvings out of them, like the outlines of coffee cups. Very cute!
Their tables had little trees on them, fake trees, but a nice little touch to a lodge like coffee shop.
After coffee, we went swimming. I didn't take any pictures of swimming because I didn't want to get my camera wet. While we were finishing our coffee, Kirsten and I went on a walk before we went swimming. It was a nice walk, getting to see some of Eagle Crest and some more of the houses. Cute houses. I like Sunriver better, but Eagle Crest is fun and cute.
After our walk, we went back to the pool and got in our swimsuits and went to the hot tub. The warm water felt great on my hurt leg. That was the main purpose, my reason for going into the hot tub. 
After the pool, we went home and I changed into my leg brace and some yoga pants so I could relax. Cambria and Vanessa wanted to stay back at the pool and play volley ball. So Kirsten and I were the only 'kids' at the condo. We turned on TLC, and started watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. That show is so interesting! Meg brought out a French hand scrub. While we watched TV, we used the scrub and it made my hands feel so soft and moisturized! It felt wonderful! 
Meg said that we had a free DVD pass, and that we should go pick up Cambria and Vanessa and get the movie. We got Pirates of The Caribbean: Stranger Tides. I think the 4th Pirates is the best!
Before we watched Pirates, we helped make dinner. We had salmon and potatoes! So good.
I helped cut the tomato for the salad. While we were helping make dinner, I decided to sample some of the coconut milk. Silk Coconut Milk... 
I am not a big fan of the coconut milk. I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk from Silk, but the coconut has too much of a coconut taste. I love coconut oil, but that's because it doesn't smell or taste like coconut oil. 
It wasn't my favorite thing, I probably give it a 2/5. 
As we were making dinner, we saw some deer running in our yard. My camera sucks, because things that are close show up far away in my camera... but I got an alright picture of the deer.
When I went outside the take the pictures of the deer, I smelled BBQ. That wonderful BBQ smell, you know? I was jealous! But not too jealous because we were having salmon. I went inside, and finished helping build the salad.
Dan came in with a glass pan. I realized we were on the one BBQing. I thought it would smell more fishy, but it smelled like a hamburger BBQ! I wasn't jealous anymore. I wasn't even really jealous to begin with. 
We helped set the table and were excited to eat this delicious meal.
(Don't worry, the red stuff in the glass is sparkling cider). I loved lemon squeezed on fish! So of course I squeezed lemon on my fish.
After dinner, we cleaned up. And after clean up, we went back to watching TLC, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. And Say Yes To The Dress. Later... we put in Pirates of The Caribbean, and made cookies. Towards the middle of the movie,  I got up to take a shower. I don't like going to bed without being clean. It's gross. When I came back out into the living room, the cookies were ALL DONE. The cookies kept causing trouble before, nobody knew when they would be done, so our first batch was a little overdone. The second batch was perfect though. The timer was also an annoying noise. Every  five seconds the timer would go off. We decided the cookies were done and to just not deal with it anymore and relax. 
We finished Pirates of the Caribbean and went to bed. 
It was a great first day!