This Past Week/Last Week

I haven't blogged in two weeks! I had to blog this weekend because I was building up on the projects and I was having blog with drawls. It's how I am with water, if I go too long without it, I actually start to hurt. Anyway, last Saturday, my mom got margherita pizza from California Pizza Kitchen (They don't have an image of the pizza, but I do). I really enjoy margherita pizza, it's fresh tasting and has tomatoes on it! I love tomatoes! It was a wonderful dinner! Great for the vegetarians out there! No meat on this pizza! I am not a vegetarian, but it's nice to take a break from the carnivorous life style for a night and eat on the vegetarian side :) It's super yum!
Last Wednesday (2/15/12), I was assigned a very simple history assignment and turned it into an extravagant project that took me two hours to do. In history class, we are learning about WWII, the 1940's are my favorite era and decade! I love the bright red lip stick and how strong the women were and the fashions and the hair and the romance and the soldiers, it's just a very interesting time in history. And of course the Holocaust. I am fascinated by the Holocaust. I have many Holocaust books and literature, it saddens me that human beings could treat another human being(s) with such cruelty. Anyway, I love that era for many reasons!  My assignment was to sort of analyze the leaders of WWII. I wrote down WAY more than I needed to. 
Those lines are my writings. Little tiny letters. Yes it took me quite a while but it was interesting!
On Tuesday, in French class, I received my first 'letter' from my friends Ali and Libby. (Karen is also part of the group, but, sadly, she is not in our French class period [p.8]). They drew me a picture of myself! It's so cute! I wrote them a letter too :) But they have it :) haha. 
Also on Tuesday, I started track! I love track! It was so fun last year and it will be even better this year! Yesterday, I ran 4 miles and I am so sore! But that's a good thing. I can admit I am very much out of shape. 

Today in Honors Biology, we made Lego enzymes! It was pretty cool! I was so motivated about blogging today, that I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of the process! 
This is the little piece that Mrs. Quirke (my Biology teacher) made for us....
We built the rest on our own...
We had to draw and label the enzyme, active site and substrate.
I took a picture and labeled them.
It's been a fun 2 weeks! No drama or anything, just all good! Busy but good! I like to keep my readers updated on my life :) Not that some people care, but some people do :) And that makes me happy. Not a conceited kind of way, but just people who are interested. :)