TeaGschwendner Acerola Fruit Tea Review

In my Eco Emi box I got a few weeks ago, I received two packets of tea from TeaGschwendner. This weekend I wanted to try it because I had time! I am a tea freak! I love all kinds of tea, especially organic tea. Tea has a pretty look to it. When you dress up tea in tea cups with cute backgrounds and pearls, little cucumber sandwiches and orange slices, tea is very pretty! I didn't go all out 'tea party' today. I poured it in a pretty cup and used a pretty background. :) 
It's a loose tea, but I put it in a bag. They gave me tea bags for the loose tea. 
I used an aerie bag as the background. 
I liked the tea. The smell wasn't all too good, It had a tart smell. Not a sweet smell. I liked the taste! It tastes better hot then cold. I want to try it iced... and what I meant by cold is it gets cold fast and if it is just sitting out in a room and it cools off, I bet it tastes wonderful iced! I will try the green tea next week or during the week. :) 3 out of 5 star rating! *** :)