Market Pantry: Honey Battered Breast Tenders.

I have had some kind of chicken craving for a while. Last weekend, we got these awesome chicken tenders! They taste amazing! They are from Target, and they are Market Pantry. I love Target's brands, like Market Pantry and Archer Farms. They aren't cheapo foods, they are low priced but taste great and not bad for you! They have 0g TRANS FAT, although, the only bad part of these chicken tenders are that they have high fructose corn syrup in them, not much though, and if you eat the serving size (5 pieces), you'll be okay, and if you eat them in moderation.
At 425 degrees, and after 12 minutes, they are done! 
I like to dip my chicken in ranch dressing and have a veggie on the side. Sometimes broccoli, but this time I chose sweet grape tomatoes! 
They are so yum! :) 
A perfect after school snack, or quick dinner for busy nights!