Eco Emi: February Box. (Second box)

This is my second Eco Emi box. I am really excited about this box! It had a lot of cool stuff in it! I was feeling a little bit depressed at the end of the day and when I got home from my orthodontist appointment and saw the Eco Emi box, I was so happy! 
I ripped it open, and took pictures step by step...
The green tissue paper is so pretty!
I lifted open the tissue paper, and pulled out a little brown box....
And inside this little brown box is a little burlap sack...
And inside this little bag are these.....
Greener Living Organic Soap Nuts
At first, I thought these were tulip bulbs or something, I searched the card that came with the box to tell you what the items are, and I found out they are detergent! Here is what the card says...
Greener Living Organic Soap Nuts- "I cam across this product, tried it, loved it and immediately thought I MUST get this into my box for my customers to try as well. Soap Nuts are small, berry like fruits with a hard shell that grow in warm, tropical climates like India and other south Asia countries. A 100% certified organic laundry detergent that is so easy to use and simply fun!"
I can't wait to use them! I love detergents! And organic detergents are so awesome.
The next product I pulled out of the little brown/tan box was some tea. 
Herbal Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea
I am a serious tea freak! If you have kept up with my blog, you know I love tea and chocolate, and tea and chocolate mixed is even better! Here is what the card says,
Herbal Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea- "Chocolate Mint Truffle rooibos tea is yummy blend of chocolate cacao nibs, mint and rooibos leaves. Rooibos and chocolate are both great sources of antioxidants. Enjoy this guilt-free indulgence, great for kids and adults alike."
The next product in the tan box that I pulled out was Dagoba Lip Balm by Eco Lips: Lavender flavor.
We got a DAGOBA chai chocolate bar from New Seasons one time, and it was so lovely! This chapstick smells and feels great on your lips! I want to go to New Seasons and grab up the lavender chocolate bar! This is what the card says,
Dagoba lip balm by Eco Lips: Lavender flavor- "Organic Dagoba lip balms are based on three flavors from Dagoba's chocolate bar collection including mint, roseberry & lavender. Each customer will receive one surprise flavor. These lip balms are pleasing in taste and also contain moisturizing and soothing oils for healing protection."
Yes... there is more in the tan box. The next product I pulled out of the tan box was Lavender & White Tea Towelettes by Crystal Essence AND Body Butter by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.
Towelettes first: I have not tried these towelettes, but I'm excited to use them! Great for track!!! I'm excited to smell like lavender! Here is what the card says, 
Lavender & White Tea Towelettes by Crystal Essence- "This Crystal-infused 100% biodegradable deodorant towelette offers all the great benefits in a grab and go packet. Pop some into your purse, a weekend trip, when camping and stay fresh all day long. Made with all natural mineral salts, plus natural lavender and white tea extracts and essential oils."
Body Butter now: I dipped my finger tips into the little sample I received and rubbed it on my fingers and it felt so good! So moisturizing! And it smelled very good! Sweet Chai! Oh my goodness, it smelled delightful! Here is what the card says, 
Body Butter by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques- "I love body butters especially Lauren's Sweet Chai made with incredibly rich and moisturizing Organic Butters & Oils, this Body Butter will leave you smelling so yummy and your driest spots will feel soft and smooth!"
That is it for the little tan box, but there was more in the whole package! 
The next product I got is Sunblock by Dr. Robins
I have not tried this yet. In Oregon, there is a rare chance to use this. Plus it is for children, but I am going to try it. Here is what the card says,
Sunblock by Dr. Robins- "Dr. Robbins all-natural chemical free sunscreen with an SPF 30 was created by a Beverly Hills Dermatologist using a formula featuring Quinoa, Oat and Green Tea Extract creating a unique but effective sunscreen that is clean and never tested on animals."
The next product I received was Freedom Lip Gloss by Revolution Organics.

This lip gloss blends perfectly with my natural skin color, and it adds a bit of gloss. It doesn't feel sticky, it does have a bit of a strange smell, but it looks great on! Here is what the card has to say,
Freedom Lip Gloss by Revolution Organics- "For gorgeously healthy lips This good-for-you gloss is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to leave lips beautifully moisturized and gorgeously glossy. Formulated with 85% certified organic ingredients and NO BAD STUFF! Each customer will receive one lip gloss in a surprise color either innocent, truth, integrity, freedom or vibe." I got Freedom.
The next thing I pulled out of the package is a little pink sinch up satchel. 
The first thing from the satchel I pulled out was OluvSuds Soap By Oluv Skin.
It smells really good! I can't wait to use it! 

Here is what the card says, 
OluvSuds Soap By Oluv Skin- "This moisturizing hand and body soap hydrates, nourishes and cleanses the skin. Created from naturally grown, estate-cold pressed, 100% extra virgin olive oil, Rosemary, citrus sage and lemongrass essential oils and salt. OluvSuds, leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed."
The next (and last things) out of the package I got is Organic Energy Shampoo and Conditioner by Greenbody Greenplanet.
I can't wait to use this conditioner and shampoo.
Here is what the card says,
Organic Energy Shampoo and Conditioner by Greenbody Greenplanet- "Energy Shampoo & Conditioner are one of the most pure and clean hair lines available for fine/normal hair. Your hair will achieve natural volume and vitality with weightless hydration and balanced nutrition."
This was an awesome box! I can't wait to use this stuff! A lot of great organic things to try out!
If you'd like to sign up and subscribe with Eco Emi, visit their website:
It's $15 a month for each package, and you get a bunch of coupons and information about the products that you receive in the box. :)


  1. What a fun bunch of goodies! Mint Truffle Tea, sounds pretty yummy, and those soap nuts sound pretty interesting too. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts. :)

    1. Eco Emi is a very fun subscription program! I love getting the packages each month! It's like a gift each month. Very fun.


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