Coconut Oil: A New Trend and for All-Purpose Use!

Last month, in my January Eco Emi box, I found out about coconut oil and it's many uses. When I read on the card that you could use it in your hair, on your lips, on your body, and even around your house and as well as cooking, I was hooked! For a bit, I was using up the packet that I got in my Eco Emi box, but on Sunday, I got the jar of it from New Seasons. 
The coconut oil in the packet I got from my Eco Emi box smelled like coconut, this coconut oil does have a slight hint of coconut, but when you cook with it, you can barely tell you used coconut oil! It's healthier than regular vegetable oils. On Monday, my dad made pancakes with the coconut oil, and they were wonderful! I'm going to list the uses for Coconut Oil! My new FAD!!!!
I'll just pick a few of my favorite uses and you can read the rest later.
(Source of uses from: Health Impact News)
1.) Moisturizer- You can apply coconut oil anywhere on your body (including neck and face)
2.) Eye Cream- Dab a tad bit on your under eyes to reduce puffiness, bags and wrinkles. (Eye lids in evening)
3.) Hair Conditioning- Take a pea sized amount on your finger tips and comb through dry hair for a soft, shiny       
4.) Make Up Remover- Put about 1/2 tsp on a tissue and wipe the day's makeup off :) (1/2 tsp for each eye)
5.) Lip Balm- Take a small amount on your finger tips, and rub on your lips to relieve dryness and flakiness.
      Leaves them soft, smooth and kissable! 
6.) Healing- When you get a scrape, apply some coconut oil on it, it forms a thin, chemical layer that protects 
      the wound from dust, bacteria and viruses. It speeds up the healing process :) (Works on acne as well)
7.) Bug Bites- Soothes itching and burning, as well speeds up the healing process.
8.) Digestion- Absorbs the vitamins and minerals you need, controls indigestion and other digestion problems.
9.) Fitness- Stimulates metabolism, escalates energy, and increase in muscle without unwanted fat. 
10.) Cholesterol- Improves HDL (Good cholesterol)
11.) Back Pain/Sore Muscles when applied topically. 
12.) Cooking/Substitutes for things.
13.) Pets- Our furry friends could improve their wellness as well! 1tsp in their water and 1tsp in their food. :)
14.) Immune System- Take a tablespoon each morning to improve your immune system.
15.) Energy- Take a tablespoon each morning for a healthy way to boost your energy!
(This is a picture of the coconut oil opened.) tee hee.
You can use coconut oil for really anything! You can polish wooden furniture with it, and as a body scrub, insect repellent, and so much more!