Baked Panko Chicken

I have never really tampered with chicken before, it's always been cupcakes and desserts and cakes and things. I decided to try something new. We had a box of Panko (bread crumbs and herbs) and I added garlic powder, some sea salt, rosemary leaves, and a dash of basil. I defrosted some frozen chicken and brushed egg white on the chicken and covered the chicken.
Like I said, I defrosted the chicken first, then placed it on a plate and brushed it with egg white.
Then covered it in the Panko mix and put it on a pan with tin foil. I baked it at 500 degrees for 10:00 minutes and then baked it at 350 for 20:00 minutes more. 
After it was done baking, Brittney cut up some cucumber for a side dish type thing, and Brittney LOVED IT. I loved it too. The chicken was very good! 

Sorry for the short post, but I didn't take many pictures of the prep, there wasn't much prep. It's an easy meal :) And it was very good!