Tiny Notes, My Kitty, and Mexican Food!

Hello again! Today was the last days of finals! I have been cramming all week last week, all last weekend, and week this week and I'm finally done! For finals, we have half days, so I got to be home at 12:00 instead of 3:30. I loved the extra study time and I used it wisely. Monday morning, I had Honors Biology and MCA. On Monday morning, I was doing some last minute studying, so I had my notebook all fanned out and papers fanned out. I got up for a second to grab some breakfast, and when I came out of the kitchen and back into the living room, Punky was sitting on my notebook. Mom said, "He's helping you study!" Haha! He's such a crack up! The picture quality isn't so great because i took it with my phone. Punky is so finicky, he would have been off the book by the time I got my camera out. I had my phone with me, so I just took it then. He doesn't really like his picture taken... he most of the time turns his face when I try to take a picture.
Tuesday, I had Honors English and Theatre, yesterday I had U.S. History and French. In U.S. History, I got my Versailles paper back! I was so nervous about it! But It turns out I got a super good grade! I scored awesome! Two 4s and two 5s! I am so happy! Pays off to have four adults look at the paper and editing minor things before turning it in :)
Today I had I.S. (Independent Study) and Geometry. My geometry teacher said we could have 1 page of notes for the final, only the front and no back. I spend three hours last night putting it together. I love having the information, and when I have it, I feel better. I did this last year as well for a math final, it worked wonders! And yes, I can see it just fine! Every note we have taken this year is on this sheet of paper. I did summarize the notes, but this is it :) 
For a celebration, and for some 'feel better' food, dad took me to La Carreta for some good Mexican food. Their portions are huge so dad and I split a dish. We got a chicken taco with tons of cheese and re-fried beans and Mexican rice, and as appetizers, we got chips and salsa and sour cream. It looks a little messy, but it's sooo good!! And also it was a little messed up because dad got the big dish and I got the little dish, only because it was sooo much food. I didn't even fish all of my meal, there was so much. It was very good. I think I would give it 3 and a half (1/2) stars!
Great finals week! On Monday, we start the second semester and next Saturday is Acting Regionals Competition! I'm so excited! 
Have a wonderful weekend!