January Eco Emi Box! (1st Of Many)

After days of waiting for my little package to arrive, yesterday (Saturday), right before I was about to leave to babysit, my Eco Emi package came! I was very excited to open it. Eco Emi is my parent's gift to me, so of course they wanted to watch me open it. I waited till this morning to open it. Opening my Eco Emi box was so much fun! Lots of cool fair trade items, and organic teas and what not. I had a blast! Inside the box, there are coupons for the products! Being an Eco Emi member gives you tons of discounts and coupons. I was squealing while opening the box, it's like a little Christmas gift with a bunch of little gifts inside! So cute and fun! So girly. 
This is the package :) If you have read through out my whole blog, you know I like to photograph every step of the way, so this is the first step! (I used a sweater and a little jacket thing as the background)
And when I opened the package, after a while of the tape and I fighting (The tape was being difficult) I got it open and I was greeted by a pretty blue tissue paper. (It's a little blurry because of the lighting :(.)
The tissue paper was so pretty! Inside the tissue paper was a pretty navy blue velvet bag, holding all my organic/fair trade goodies and coupons! Some of the coupons were on the bottom of the box, atop some purple tissue paper.
There were super cute snowflake confetti through out the box. I sprinkled them over the bag for the photograph.
Inside the bag were a whole bunch of goodies! I pulled out the tea first. Tea Gschwendner 
I got a Marani Green Tea and Acerola Fruit Tea-no caffeine.
On the card it says, "The Marani tea has been a popular flavored Green tea for many years in Europe and the US. This is a tropical paradise of fruit flavors spiked with pineapple and green tea from Japan and China. The Acerola Fruit Tea features a tart hibiscus joined by the cherry-like acerola fruit. This sweet, sour flavor is enhanced by candied pineapple ad papaya pieces. Excellent iced and incredible hot. We have included two empty tea bags for you to make your tea in." And they did indeed include the tea bags! This is really cool!
I can't wait to try those! The next thing I pulled out was the Organic Hand Purifier by Dr. CleanGreen.
This is what is said about it on the card, "Dr. Cleangreen's Instant Hand Purifier is one of a kind. A unique blend of purifying essential oils eliminates the need for excessive alcohol, hazardous chemicals or artificial colors and fragrances. Simply a naturally sweet-smelling germ killing lotion that goes on smoothly and works quickly, gently, and effectively." Of course we all tried it after I snapped pictures of it. It smells and feels wonderful! I also got a coupon for it! It was in an above picture. For this hand purifier, you only need a little bit, a little goes a long way. 
Next, I pulled out an eye liner! I am not a big makeup fan, but I use makeup, so I was pretty excited! 
Here is what the card said about it, "Made of 100% organic oils & butters including Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil & Shea Butter. This Eyeliner Pencil has been specially formulated with all Vegan-friendly ingredients and application is quick and easy with the convenience of a pencil! I LOVE this product!" That was the card said. I have not tried this yet, but I will and I'm sure I love it! Eyeliner is what I normally use for makeup, so I'm pretty excited to use it! 
This is something my mom was super excited about and is using now, at this very moment! Laundry detergent! Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Liquid Laundry Detergent by Biokleen. It's pretty cheap stuff too! So later today, were going to order some! 32 loads for $6.56! How awesome! 
Here was the card had to say, "Biokleen products are 3X concentrated for the best value and smallest environmental footprint. Experience superior cleaning results from natural ingredients including extracts of lime, orange, grapefruit seed, essential oils and soy. For a limited time only, enjoy 30% off all Biokleen products when you shop our storefront. Visit Biokleenhome.com for more information." I'm so excited to smell my clothes when they come out the wash! I only received one load of laundry detergent, but like I said earlier, were going to order some more today and use our 30% off discount! 
This time, it's food! Sprouted Organic Quinoa by Tru Roots. Very excited to try this. Here is what the card had to say, "TruRoots produces the finest quality quinoa in partnership with organic family farmers on the high plans of the Andes in Bolivia. This tiny seed is one of nature's most healthful and rejuvenating foods- delightfully sweet, fluffy and moist. TruRoots Organic Sprouted Quinoa is the perfect blend of traditional ancient wisdom and modern technology and convenience. Rich in nutrition and taste, quinoa has it all and is great paired with stir fried veggies!" And in the Biggs's house, stir fried veggies is very popular, so now we'll get to have a stir fried veggie entourage.
I am really excited to try this next product! It's body lotion, so of course I'm all in! Honeydew Spearmint Lotion by Deep Steep. Here is what the card has to say, "Deep Steep's Body Lotion provides a light, everyday moisturizer while boosting your skin's natural ability to rehydrate. A detoxifying infusion of Organic herbal extracts blended with Organic oils, butters, and vitamins, makes this light lotion the perfect anytime moisturizer of choice." Body lotion, guys! I'm all for that! Skin care is so much fun to dabble in... sometimes literally! I just got a little sample packet, but this is a product I will definitely invest into :)
This next product can be used for a plethora of purposes! No wonder it's called 'ALL PURPOSE'! Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil by Kelapo. This is what Christine said about Kelapo on the card, "Harvested from exclusive coconut palms in Sri Lanka, this 100% organic, trans fat freeoil can be used as an all-natural, flavorful, and energy packed, butter alternative. Coconut oil is fantastic to cook with or bake with, it's ideal for taking off waterproof mascara and is a wonderful moisturizer for your body and face, Coconut oil is also a fantastic conditioner for your hair. Just rub a pea sized amount in your hands and apply to dry  hair-combing through with your fingers for super soft shiny hair!" I can't wait to use this product! I like the hair idea, and I'm definitely going to try that today!
These two last products are my absolute favorite! If you know me really well, you know I have about 15 different lib balms in my bag at all times! I am lip balm freak! Well, I can add two more lip balms to my bag today, First with Lip Tint by JR Watkins. This is what she had to say on the card, "We are pleased to feature 6 shades of Lip Tints by JR Watkins. Each person will receive one lip balm in a surprise shade from the following colors: Stardust, Scarlet Sunset, Tickled Pink, Strike-a-Rose, Simply Mauve-Laus, and Berry Charming. These lip tints are packed with awesome ingredients and amp; are naturally flavored with pure peppermint oil!" OH MY WORD! I immediately tried mine, and LOVED IT! I got the Scarlet Sunset lip tint, and am very pleased with it! Makes my lips very soft! I'd take this over Softlips any day!
It came wrapped up like Smarties candy! I thought it was adorable!
The second lip balm is Endangered Species lip balm by Merry Hempsters. Here is what the card said, "Endangered Wildlife Lip Balm is simply the finest certified organic herbal lip therapy on the market. Eco-friendly and healthy, USDA certified organic lip balm in concert with philanthropy make a winning combination. Merry Hempsters hope is to nourish lips as well as educate. We are featuring 3 different balms featuring an endangered animal. You will receive on surprise balm about either the Right Whale in peppermint, Monk Seal in lavender orange or the Polar bear in vanilla." I received the Monk Seal lavender orange lip balm. It smells wonderful! Feels wonderful! I love it! And I love the cause! The little seal is so adorable! 
The January Eco Emi box was fun to open, and I'm very excited to receive the February box! Here is all the stuff I received in the January box. It's cool because the card they give you tells you about your products and the prices and gives you some information about your products. :)
Visit Eco Emi's website if you'd like more information about the monthly subscription, and if you'd like to join! Only $15.00 a month! 
Hope you all enjoyed my post! I was very excited about my Eco Emi box post! 
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I love Eco Emi so much! I haven't gotten my box yet but I am so excited to get all of these products. I especially like the JR Watkins lip balm. I'm glad you liked your first box; I've been subscribed for 2 months and they are just fantastic :)

    1. Yes, I was very excited about my Eco Emi box! I hope I haven't spoiled the surprise for you! Haha, How do you like the Eco Emi subscription so far? And thank you so much for the follow!


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