Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2011 was quite a year! Ready to start a new year with some new resolutions that I will try to keep up! I want to have some big goals achieved by this time next year, and I'm going to achieve them! New Years was very fun! Last year, mom, britt and I all went over to my Aunt Shawna's house to hang out and watch movies and eat pizza. This year, we ate dinner and hung out over at my Grandpa Kirby's house for a little while. It was fun playing with Isabelle  and Brittney. My Uncle Rob (Aunt Shawna's husband) picked me up from my house to take me over to Grandpa Kirby's house. I said something about how I couldn't wait to drive the big truck because they have a big truck, well the next thing I knew, I was in the driver's seat and I was driving the big truck. I was nervous at first, but Uncle Rob said I did great! No car accidents! :) I really liked driving it, it was different. 
At Christmas, I wanted to take a picture of Isabelle and I together, wearing our cowboy boots. I never got the chance at Christmas, but I did last night on New Years! 
Oh Isabelle... haha. Silly little girl. I was also laughing so that's why smile is kind of wide. haha. Oh boy.
At Grandpa Kirby's house, we played 'Haunted house' and 'Hide n Go Seek'. Then, Isabelle decided she wanted to play in Raelyn's baby bed and Brittney joined in. I'm dying... laughing.These picture makes me laugh so hard! 
At this point, I was just randomly snapping pictures because I was laughing so hard. 
Before we left Grandpa Kirby's house to go over to Aunt Shawna's house, we got a picture with Grandpa Kirby. I am really not tall, I look tall in this picture because I am almost the height of my grandpa Kirby, but not trying to be mean or rude, but he is a shorter man and I am only 5'3.
When we got to Aunt Shawna's, we immediately started making the cakepops. I brought my new cakepop maker over and tried it out, along with some cake mix. Didn't make it from scratch this time. 
Brittney spraying the cakepop maker with cooking oil.
I filled up some of the divots and Brittney filled up the rest. My cake batter filling overflowed the divots....Brittney's on the other hand were perfect.
Brittney filling up the divots...
All the arrows are my divots filled... it does take practice! 
Brittney is probably a pro at the cakepop maker! I let her take over after a while... 
Mom bought candy melts to decorate the cakepops with, so we melted the dark chocolate candy melts first while we waited for the cakepops to finish baking.
After they were done baking in the little cakepop machine... we checked them out. The first actual cake pops made in the cakepop maker. I had used it before, but only to make 4 pizza pops... it went well but I do need more practice in using the cakepop maker.
You can tell which ones are mine.... they look like Saturn. I got better though.
We decided to just finish making all the cakepops and decorate them in the morning. It made tons of cakepops! Then we watched the ball drop on TV, 'Dick Clark's Rockin' Christmas Eve'  and played "Just Dance 3" on the XBOX. It was fun!
This morning, my aunt Shawna's kitchen was a little bit messy.
Isabelle was so excited that she got to help. She did a good job too!
Isabelle looks so focused! :)
The tray the cakepop people give you is so tiny, so we had to substitute a try for a devilled egg try. It worked great! Kept the cakepops from rolling every which way so that the chocolate on top didn't smear and so it could cool and harden.
After we used up the dark chocolate candy melts, it was time to melt the vanilla candy melts. 
We drizzled it over some but just topped others because it was difficult to drizzle it over the chocolate covered ones.
Brittney and Isabelle finishing up the cakepops...
While decorating the cakepops, we appetize'd on my new favorite snack: Italian bread, Extra virgin olive oil, and Balsamic Vinegar. We feasted on most of the bread last night. It was so good! I love Italian bread! So yummy!
YAY! The cakepops are done and all decorated!
After we cleaned up a little bit, we decided we were due for a game of "Just Dance 3" to dance off some of the cakepops we ate. It's a great work out!
Here is Brittney and Isabelle dancing to "Spectronizer". Don't know who sings it... but it's a foreign song and it sounds cool. It's Isabelle's favorite song on the game to dance to because the people dancing on the game turn into Power Rangers. :) 
We all danced to different songs. Some did by ourselves, others with two people. Like I would do a song with Aunt Shawna, or Brittney, or Isabelle and switched.  It was very fun! Gets you  moving for sure! 
It was a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day! A wonderful lead on into 2012!
Happy New Years everybody!