Districts Theatre Competition @ St. Mary's Academy!

After weeks of practicing and memorizing and blocking monologues and duo scenes, today was the day! Today was the big competition and I thought I was going to dread it! I wasn't looking forward to it. But, as it turns out, I had a major blast! For my first theatrical competition, I think I did pretty well. My monologues were scored to a 45, which is a low score, but I'm okay with it. I woke up at 5:20a.m. this morning and got school at 7:05, the bus left for Downtown and St. Mary's at about 7:30. We got there about 8:15 I think and we headed right into the auditorium. To kill boredom time, Maegan, Karmen, Tyler and I were taking pictures :) Cameras can be very entertaining. :)
My friend Maegan and I. Before the competition started.
Tyler kinda photo bombed it... haha. HAHA Karmen, oh girl you crack me up. 
There we go! That's a nice picture... well... Karmen is doing her strobe light with her phone, but that's okay!
My hair is all awkward. My bangs are like split and weird.... but oh well. I love this! 
Dying laughing... oh my word! Our faces!! BAHAHA! We were trying to wind down and not be nervous for performing our monologues and duo scenes. This is how we unwind.
Tyler's 'Littlle Asian Dude' face. Karmen looks squished, and Maegan... I don't know what she's doing and I'm just looking off into space. 
I didn't take pictures till our first round of Duo Scenes. But, first, I must tell you a story... So, we checked the schedule and it said that Maegan and I were in room G2 (Ground floor, room 2). Well, when the judge listed off all the numbers of performing partners, our number wasn't called. B109 (B for Barlow) wasn't called. We were confused. So a boy, also from Barlow went to check and he came back with the correct room number that we should be in. Well, then he said, "And your in G2 the next time though." So like for the second round of duo scenes.
Once we got into the correct room for round one of duo scenes, we were put into a Spanish room. Happy to find that another Barlow duo scene would be performed in that room besides ours and we'd get to watch it! We were happy we weren't the only Barlow people in the room. As we looked around the room, we noticed some strange things.... first of all there was a waffle iron in the room. Not just ONE waffle iron, but TWO waffle irons. WAFFLE IRONS in a class room.... waffle irons...
Sorry they are a little blurry, I took them fast because it was a little embarrassing how people were staring at me. I gave into it and said to Maegan and the two other girls, "Hey, I'm a blogger. They can deal with it." haha.
The other strange thing in that room that was creepy was a fabric picture on the wall, like a fabric poster...
It was of a lady in South America, but it wasn't a real picture. It was a drawing, like a cartoon picture. She has caterpillars on her eyes... meaning her eye brows...
Kind of creepy... if you look closely, you can also see she has a little bit of a five 'o clock shadow... a mustache.... and then the baby gorilla and the jaguar... and the vines on her neck and the bird thing... hmmmmm.....
After the duo scenes, Maegan and I split up again for our second round of monologues. I didn't like doing the monologues. I loved doing the duo scenes much better! They were a lot more fun. The monologues were nerve wracking. I was also in the room with some more Barlow (freshmen) girls. It was fun to get to know them, and I gave them some advice on some classes. It was fun! But I messed up on that round. I had long pauses and I didn't even let myself finish the first monologue. We had to have two monologues memorized back to back. Like we had to switch character from comedic to dramatic in seconds. It was cool but nerve wracking. Seemed like all my monologues had all girls in the room. It helped a bit and the face that we were in small groups and not in a big auditorium in front of everybody was helpful! I liked how it was set up. 
After the second round of monologues, it was time for lunch. Maegan, our friend Eric and I headed on over to Portland State University's food court, where they had a Ben and Jerry's and a Pizzicato and many more other food stops. We first went into Pizzicatos and it was PACKED! We waited in line for a few minutes, then decided to just go over to Ben and Jerry's and grab some ice cream. We were running out of time, and we had to be back at St. Mary's by a certain time, of course we were all confused and we didn't know what time we had to be back, so we just got ice cream. I had ice cream for lunch today! Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 
Not as many flavors as Baskin Robbins, but it was okay. Different texture in the ice cream...
These are just some of the ice cream tins in Ben and Jerry's.
This is my Chocolate Fudge Brownie FroYo that Maegan is holding, Thank you Maegan! 
And Maegan and Eric eating their ice cream, trying to hurry. You can see that Eric is scarfing it down... haha
I had a ton of ice cream to eat... and so little time. But luckily we had a little extra time than we thought. We met up with Tyler and Karmen and had a little fun with the St. Mary's creepy statue of a nun in front of the school. Tyler and Karmen put a stick in her hand and kept switching the sizes. Maegan took pictures of me by the statue... still with Ice cream in hand...
I thought this was hilarious... as you can see I am cracking up! You can't see it very well, but I have two bags... the bag on my shoulder is full of books. I thought this was going to be a different type of thing, where we sit in the auditorium, listening and watching to everyone's monologues and duo scenes, where you do yours once and you're done and then you have to sit there forever! That's not how it was done. I was so busy, I didn't even open the other bag that was on my shoulder. The bag behind me is the bag I take everywhere, the only bag I should have had. haha. That was a pain carrying that thing everywhere. I felt like a pack mule. 
After lunch was over, we were ready for our second round of Duo Scenes! Well, we knew where we had to go... or so Maegan and I thought. But first... let me show you the cow! Maegan wanted her picture taken with the life size cow in the ground floor. I am definitely not calling Maegan a cow... there is an actual statue of a cow on the Ground level.
Haha it's so cute!
Maegan kept forgetting that my camera flashed twice, so she moved during the picture, which made the picture turn out AWESOME! It's also a little bit blurry, making her look like she is going in slow motion! Nifty picture.
So, we went into our room, that we were told to go into. We were chillin in there, getting all comfy and snacking on Pringles and carrots and such. Watching freshmen be immature and waiting to start round 2 of duo scenes. Well... the judge gets in there and is surprised to see us again, "You guys again!" He says. We nod and smile and say, "Were sure this time!" And he asks what number we are and we say, "B109" well he says, "You're not on my list... go check the schedule. I don't want to see you anymore." He was being sarcastic, but we never did see him again. Ha! So we went up to the schedule and found our room. Got lost finding the actual room and then found the room. We opened up the door to the room and the judge shooed us out. I was freaking out. I was freaking out because I thought we would be disqualified and I was angry at the guy who told us we were in G2 for round 2 but we weren't! And I know people make mistakes, but I was angry, and nervous, and hungry, and tired, and wanting to go home! But after the duo scene was done, we were allowed to go in. You see, we were about to walk in during a duo scene because some other people were performing their duo scene. Once it was done, we went inside and apologized and then we did just fine with our duo scene. :)
Then we went to our last round of monologues, and that was the best I have performed them yet! It was because I was rehearsing them over and over and over again. I didn't want to have to ask the judges if I could start over again like I did the last two rounds. I did the last round of monologues just fine and I don't care if the blocking was weak, I did awesome! 
Then we got to our last round of duo scenes. Round 3 of Duo Scenes. This was a fun round because Maegan and I got to go first and also in between scenes while the judges write down their notes... Maegan and I took pictures! YAY! More camera fun!
My nose looks a bit shiny. 
Maegan looks awesome! I love her curly hair.
We thought this one was adorable. haha. 
I know this is blurry, but I thought it was so cute! I had to post it.
Then we got really bored... and we started making more faces! Maegan says I have an awesome 'Hey Baby' face. haha. 
This is my 'Hey baby' face...
This is our 'Hey Baby' face...
Attractive, huh?
another 'awww' picture...
After the competition was over, we went back to auditorium to play some theatre games. While we were waiting, we had more camera fun! 
Maegan and I did 'Peace', But i look more scary than 'HEY DUDE! PEACE!'
Muscle Men! Or Muscle Women! 
Tyler and Karmen came in and sat with us and joined in with the picture fun. I think we were doing our 'Hey Baby' face.... or something...
Although I look like a Muppet or someone who is about to vomit or something. 
Now were all frightened of Tyler attacking us like he is about to attack Karmen. 
Here is a closeup :) Wish Karmen was doing the same face as last time. haha. but it's still an awesome picture.
Oh my word... wow... 
And then Tyler doing his 'Little Asian Man'
Now were all doing 'Little Asain Man'
As you can see, we were getting really bored... and we were making the best out of it. 
And then Julia came into the auditorium! And I had to get a picture of us because she is just so cute! And one of my besties! 
Maegan and I doing the 'I Love You' sign. :) One nail is painted, the other is not. haha. 
After the theatre games, it was the awards ceremony. Karmen and Tyler won with Honors!!! YAY! So proud of them!
And an awesome day ended with a beautiful sunset. This picture was taken on the bus, so it's a bit blurry and smudgy. 
It's of the Willamette river :)
Today was an awesome experience! I can't wait till February when Barlow hosts the regionals! GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Fantastic day! 
Tuckered out. Ha! 


  1. Sounds like a very fun day, a lot like the speech meets I went to in high school, so fun. Those Nun pictures are so funny, the first one looks like she is a vampire hunter or something, LOL!! Joseph will be attending his first Drama competition the first week of February, he is also playing the role of the father in the play The Giver in mid February. He has so much fun in drama. Sounds like you all had a great time!!

  2. I loved reading 'The Giver' in 5th grade. Awesome book. Yes, we have another competition coming up in February as well, February 4th is Regionals!! I'm so excited. I am going to be cooking and baking for the teachers and parents that attend and also focusing on my duo and group scenes! So excited not to do monologues this time! Wish Joseph luck for me! Haha, yeah the nun was a bit creepy, but she looked so funny with that stick in her hand. lol.


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