Been Long Gone... Too Long

I have been so busy preparing for finals. Today is the first day of finals. I had Honors Biology this morning and right now I am in MCA. My last MCA class. We don't really have a test, we had a project that we had to finish and today was a work day. I finished it! I am happy with it. The project is nothing special, just over the popular food at Barlow, mostly during lunch and the product was the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and Bruin Express coffee drinks and water. Last week, I only had two days of school, Thursday and Friday. I turned in my big history paper on Thursday and prepared for finals! If you don't know what went on Wednesday, the SOPA/PIPA bills were being protested by Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing and many other sites. My twitter was blowing up from texts of SOPA/PIPA. I also sent in a message to congress and signed a petition (Really just adding my e-mail to a list against the bills). I made cupcakes protesting SOPA/PIPA, but I was so busy Thursday that I didn't finish them. All I did to the cupcakes was spread black decorative frosting over the cupcakes. This last weekend was crazy! I was studying so hard and working so hard, I think I did pretty good this morning on my Honors Biology final. On Friday, we went to Glass Butterfly and there was a Red Tag sale! 30% off TOMS! So of course I got some!
 We also baby sat my cousins on Friday night, and there are pictures of Isabelle and I playing Just Dance 3! OH BOY! (Sorry about the picture quality, this was taken with my phone...)
  Back to Wednesday, that day was so busy! Snow day! No school! Power outage for like 7 hours, and freezing cold! (Again, taken with my phone)
 I didn't have school Monday or Tuesday last week, Monday was a fun day! Mom, Brittney and I all went to lunch with Grandma Biggs and then went shopping at the mall! I didn't have anything in particular to buy there, but Brittney had a few things she wanted to grab up. She is always checking deals. I walked around by myself a little while and went into different stores, and of course: Bath and Body Works. They have a new scent coming out soon, Pink Chiffon! "A light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals and vanilla chiffon icing" Bath and Body Works. I also bought some body spray of one of my new favorite scents, Carried Away.
 I always go into Aerie, and whenever I come out of Aerie, I come out with something. I bought a Love T. There new soft t-shirts! They are so super cute! SO super comfortable! And I love the feel.
 I met up with my mom, sister and grandma in Teavana. They were tasting teas and the next thing I know, mom is talking to the clerk and she is buying Cocao Mint Black tea in a cute owl tin! I was so excited. We had some yesterday (Sunday) with our waffle breakfast and it tastes wonderful! 
 Tuesday night I was getting ready for school, packing my lunch and such. Then it started snowing... HARD! It was pouring down and of course Brittney and I were freaking out, running outside and stepping in the snow covered grass with our bare feet. Then the snow covered grass became a blanket of snow and we stepped barefoot in that. The streets were snow covered and so pretty! My dad had a strong prediction that we wouldn't have school the next day, and his prediction came true. At about 4:55 to 5:00 a.m. I looked at phone and decided to get up and check if we had school or not. I got out of bed, and went into the office, and pushed the button to turn on the computer. Well, it wasn't flashing blue like it usually did, even when the computer was powered down. I thought that was strange. I pushed the button again, and nothing. I was so confused. I knocked on my parent's door and my mom said in a perfectly normal, not sleepy voice, "Come in" and I came in and I asked why the computer wasn't working. "The power has been out since 3, I haven't slept since 3." I didn't sleep very well, mostly because I was too excited and watching the snow was so magical. I went back to bed, panicked. I was worried that if we did have school, that I wouldn't be able to get ready. I would be able to get ready, I just might not have my hair the way I want it. I texted my mom, even though she was across the hall and I asked her if she got a text from Barlow, and what was the verdict. She texted back that school was closed and I was so excited! I woke up to a winter wonderland and the power still being out. It was a hectic day, even though we didn't leave the house and basically sat around. Last week was so snowy! Whether it was small flurries or down pours or snow, I was still happy to get snow.
This is Punky in his little 'house' and there is snow around... I don't know if he liked the snow very much...
 Yesterday, I was studying and relaxing and Aunt Shawna and the girls came over. It's so fun when they come over! I went shopping with my aunt yesterday, just went to Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid. I bought some Archer Farms Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk cookies and some Snack Factory pretzels. I love little treats like that.  
Had a fantastic, busy week!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week last week!