Shopping Day With Grandma

I love spending a day with Grandma Biggs (dad's mom). It's so fun! She usually takes us out to breakfast and lunch! We usually go shopping in between. I had to get some stuff for Isabelle, my cousin's Christmas present, so we went to Craft Warehouse. That was the major place I had to go. We also went to Bed Bath and Beyond, Joanne Fabrics and NEW SEASONS!! I love New Seasons. For breakfast, we went to Starbucks. I have had almost all of their holiday drinks! Today, I got the Egg Nog latte and a cheese danish. It was so good! They put a lot of egg nog in their latte this time. They don't usually do that. 

Egg Nog latte from Starbucks
So GOOD! I love the buttery danish with the cream cheese inside. Ohh so good! I loved it! 

We then went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
And I love looking at their baking things, like their baking tools and pans and such. I have been wanting to make homemade and organic soap, and I needed molds for that. I found like quiche and cupcake molds! They can also be used for soap!
 They were each .59 cents. That's really cool! I love them! 
Also, while walking around Bed, Bath and Beyond, we saw quirky things like... PUGZ.... 
UGGS for your dog....
 Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. 

I also found these cute pillows! They have countries on them, and the land marks! SUPER CUTE!

Next, we went to Craft Warehouse. I had to grab some supplies to make Isabelle her gift :) I will blog about that :) 
 I'm so excited about it! 

Also at Craft Warehouse, they had some ADORABLE fabrics! I love looking at fabrics because I do want to get into sewing. 

 Sometime, I want to make a vintage looking bed spread. I love the vintage look, and on Pinterest, I found a very cute bed set, it was like all vintage things! And I wanted to make my own. I love vintage things. 

We then went to JoAnne fabrics. They have a lot more than just fabric! I found some spring-time projects for spring! I'm so excited! 
I found these cute, little pots there. They are .59 cents each. They are just way too cute!
 The dish holding the pot is .99 cents. I am going to do a little herb garden :) 

I found some more things at JoAnne fabrics for the spring time projects! I'm really excited. 

We then went to NEW SEASONS market! I absolutely love this store! They have tons of samples, and they have some good prices, just have to look. Everybody thinks it's so expensive, and yes, it is, but you just have to look for the good prices. They're there, just have to look for them. 
These are samples when we first walked in the door. This one, below is Turkey. 
 This one is salmon. SO GOOD!
I LOVE sourdough bread, and they had Sourdough Sandwich bread for sampling. 
I already bit into it, but then I remembered I had to take a picture of it.... haha. I'm so silly. See my teeth marks??? lol

Then we sampled some crisp apple cider. My goodness, it was so good! It was so fresh too!

They had a bunch of other samples too! They were just as fresh!

We went into the bulk section, and I love hummus! So I was excited to see Hummus dip mix!

And then, Brittney noticed something 'AWESOME' on the little counter where they hold the bags and pens to write the numbers down...

This would be perfect for my cupcakes and tea cups! It's all in one! I love cupcakes in tea cups. It's so cute!

For a 'note in the bottle' type thing, or a gift. Fill it with sand sea shells from a beach trip :) 

I love the medicine/shampoo/makeup section of New Seasons. I love the smells and the oils and the organic things! I love organic shampoos and lip balms and oils. I love the aromatherapy oils or smells that they sell. I love the mineral baths and sea salts and bath scrubs! I love them all!!

I was looking for a certain kind of lip balm, it's called Badger Sleep Balm. I also got a Badger lip balm, Highland Mint. I have already used it a million times probably! I used the Badger sleep balm last night, and it helped me fall asleep! It felt so nice!

We then went to the deli, and grabbed stuff to eat. I love New Seasons food!

 At New Seasons, I got the 'SPECIAL' which was Dragon Thighs, roasted veggies and roasted potato wedges. SOOO GOOD. Of course I had left overs:) The tea in the bottle next to the plate is so good. I am now a big fan of Tulsi tea. It's really nice, and when you drink it, you feel all the toxins leave your body. It feels so nice.

 And of course, for dessert, I had a chocolate cheesecake! I loved this! I still have some left over. :) :) 

It was a very fun day! I can't wait to put together Isabelle's present!

Fun fun day!!


  1. That is my kind of shopping trip!! What cool stuff you found- I love Craft Warehouse! New Seasons sounds like a very fun place to go as well. I love the little baking molds you found, I use them to make little yummy lemon pie tarts. What a nice outing!

  2. I should make lemon pie tarts! They are so fresh and yummy. It was a very nice outing.

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