Pixies Have Inhabited My Yard :)

I know fairies/pixies aren't 'real', but it's so fun to pretend and make little huts for them, or gardens or find the drew drops on blades of grass. It's a fun thing I have done since I was a little girl: hunt for pixies. I've given up the 'hunt' long ago, but I still like make 'MINIs' for the 'pixies'. Toadstools and pixies are so cute! Today, it was surprisingly sunny outside, and while I was working on Isabelle's gift, I saw some 'sparkle' in the grass. I thought it was just the sun, but it was billions of little dew drops on the grass. Dew drops on the grass are so pretty, and so fun to take pictures of, I couldn't resist! 
While taking pictures, I kind of created a little 'fairy' world. You can easily go on a scavenger hunt in your yard with your kids (if you have any) or just go by yourself, and find little fairy hideouts. Here are some examples of some. Your yard is so VAST! To a pixie, a yard is a jungle!
Here is a pixie hideout. Since it is the beginning of Winter, and the very end of fall, there are still some leaves around your yard or a field. Pixies could be hiding underneath or in the grass caves. These are some great hideaways for the fairies, careful not to step on the leaves... they could be having a meeting ;)
tee hee.
Most everyone has dirt clods in their yard, but look carefully... there are little entrances in the dirt clods, like caves. Don't step on these either, the fairies keep their critters in there or mine for little minerals.;)
Here is another fairy hideout! Under a leaf, again! Not the same one, but a different one. 
Pixie playground! 
Fairy diamonds are the prettiest! They appear on blade of grass, but there are multiple on one. 
Looks like pixie water slides!
Pixie mansion! Or more water slides.
The yard was filled with Pixie tears! They are very common. If you bottle one up in a little bottle and wear it close to your heart, it's good luck. 
I wish I could attend a Fairy fair! 
This was the original picture.... this is the picture I misspelled 'LANTERNS'
It says 'LANTERS'
Another look at those beautiful fairy diamonds! 
I found some good luck! 
Fairy Looking Glass
~Legend to be a good luck charm. When two blades of grass criss-cross, and a drop of dew is in between them, it's LUCKY!~
I found one :) They are so pretty. 
Taking pictures of dew covered blades of grass is one of my favorite things! I hope you enjoyed my pictures and my 'pixie' talk :)