Nail Art- Newspaper Nails!

At school one day, my friend Maegan had the cutest nails! She is always adorable! So crafty and artsy. I saw her nails and noticed they had writing on them, like print. I asked her how she did it and she explained. She put news paper and rubbing alcohol on her nails. I have been wanting to do this for a while, so I went on youtube to see how to actually do it. It's pretty easy.

       Here is what you will need: 
    ~Light-pastel color nail polish (Or just plain white/gray)
    ~10 little squares of newspaper
    ~A rag
    ~Little dish
    ~Water and rubbing alcohol
    ~Top Coat nail polish

There is also a way you can do it with just water. Just do the same process... but don't mix the water with the rubbing alcohol. The youtube video I watched (can't remember the name), she did it with only water and it looked pretty good. :)

First, get out a little dish and fill it to about almost half way

Pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the water...

Cut out ten little squares of newspaper...

Now... for the actual nail painting. Start with a freshly washed hand.

Start painting your nails white. I used a crappy white, it was cakey and I just need to get more white. I don't paint my nails all that often. Lol.

So when you paint your nails, make sure they are dry before you go and start pressing the newspaper on them...
See... the nail polish was crappy. 

Once they are dry, take one of the squares of newspaper and put it on top of your nail with the words facing down on your nail... Dip the rag into the water /alcohol mixture and wrap it around your finger.

Hold the newspaper and rag on your nail for a little while, like about 1:50 (a minute and 50 seconds)
and when you take it off, your nail should look like this...

Here is the process again...

Take the newspaper and put it on your nail with the words facing down on your nail, dip the rag into the water/alcohol mixture, wrap the rag around your finger over the newspaper and wait about 2 minutes for each nail. 

Next,  put top coat on your nails. Drip the top coat onto your nail from the brush and then gently spread the top coat around, you don't want to smear and smudge your newspaper print on your nails...

Repeat these steps on all your nails... and they should look better than this. This was my first try, and I was in a hurry, so they did mess up after words....

The white nail polish was crappy, I need to get some new. This was fun though, it was a lot of fun figuring out another kind of nail thing to do than just plain color. I don't do wild nails, I usually just paint my nails red or pale pink. This was out of the ordinary for me but so fun!