Crescent Roll S'mores!

I got this idea from pinterest, Crescent Roll S'mores! I was wanting to make more than just cookies this weekend, I wanted to actually post a recipe you could follow and do. :) I was a little unfair with the cookies, but I wanted to make them just for blogging reasons :) I am selfish that way. But everybody enjoys them, so it's a win-win thing. Northern Cottage  posted this recipe on their blog, and posted the picture on pinterest. It looked easy enough, and it really is. It doesn't take any wet ingredients, just dry ingredients, and they taste so good. I recommend with pop corn :) S'mores with pop corn is the best! 

        So, here is what you will need:
         1 can of crescent rolls
         About a cup of chocolate chips (you most likely won't use all of them)
         About a cup of marshmallows (Again, you most likely won't use all of them)

You don't even have to grease the pan, just get out a pan, get the chocolate chips, and get the crescent rolls.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, the directions are on the package. 

Now, unroll the crescent rolls onto the pan, start sprinkling the chocolate chips and marshmallows in the middle of the crescent rolls...

Roll up the crescent rolls into a little bundle, fold in the sides so the chocolate chips and marshmallows don't fall out...
 I pinched the sides together.

I took some outside shots of the middle of the crescent rolls...

After they are all rolled up, put them in the oven for 11 to 13 minutes. 11 minutes is really all you need, but if you packed the chocolate chips and marshmallows tight in the crescent rolls, you might want to bake it for longer than 11 minutes. 

After about 6 minutes, the marshmallows oozed out of the crescent rolls a bit...

When they are done, let them cool and serve them up with butter pop corn :) I always love pop corn with my S'mores. It's like a sweet and salty taste, or sweet and sour. It's a perfect mix. Good thing these crescent s'mores aren't too sweet, they are good but they aren't overly sweet. 




  1. Oh my--those look so delicious. I must try! Thanks for posting. Just found your blog & love it!

  2. Are they good the next day? Like, if I made them the night before for an Easter party for one of the kids? Megan

    1. I'm sure if you put them in the fridge they will be fine for the next day. It is a pretty simple recipe... It might be better to do them the morning of. They are fresher and yummier when they are freshly baked. If that isn't an option, the fridge will keep them fresh over night. :)


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