Cinnamon and Sugar Crescent Rolls! (with cream cheese)

I am on pinterest  A LOT! I basically live on there. I get a lot of cool ideas for recipes and such. I am always so inspired by people's pictures of their foodie creations that it makes me get excited!! I am so excited for Christmas break, I will be cooking and baking so much! Today, I wanted to make something simple, since I did just get out of school today (not for the break, but for the week) and since day light was running out, which I didn't get to use for photography at all :(, something simple is perfect! I remember seeing a cinnamon and sugar crescent roll recipe on there, but this one had to do with Easter. I found another with cream cheese, but it called for 3 cans of Pillsbury crescent roll dough and I only had one at the moment (because it's the end of the week and I use crescent rolls like crazy!) We'll get some more this weekend. I decided to make my own recipe! I love Courty B. originals! :) So, I don't really have a name for them, but this is what they are: Cinnamon and Sugar with Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls! I can call them CSCCC rolls :) 

      Here is what you will need...
    ~1 can of Pillsbury crescent rolls (BIG AND FLAKY, or any other kind except Buttery Flake)
    ~About 2 tablespoons of butter (melted)
    ~Cinnamon and sugar mix (You can make this easy, just mix cinnamon and sugar)
    ~About 3 tablespoons (or just a wee bit more) of Cream Cheese.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Get out a cookie sheet, but don't grease. You can if you'd like, but there is no need to. 
Start with the can of cinnamon rolls...

and unroll them of course...

melt the butter for about 23 seconds with a paper towel over the cup/bowl you are melting it in. 

Take a brush (for food) and brush the butter onto the crescent rolls

Now, get out the cream cheese and knife (or spoon) some on to the LARGE end of the crescent rolls... WARNING: It is a little difficult to spread the tough cream cheese on the doughy crescents, just do the best you can :) It'll all cook in anyway.

Next, take the cinnamon and sugar mix and sprinkle about 5 to 6 pinches onto the crescent rolls. (I probably did 8 to 10 pinches... tee hee)

I roll them up a special way, so you keep all the ingredients in the crescent roll and not all lopped out of the sides. Here is how you start... start by folding the corner on the LARGE end of the crescent roll... The red arrows point to the corner I am talking about...
So, dog ear the flap down....
Now, fold the top down... You kinda have to fold the top down over the dog ear, but it makes a nice little pocket when you roll it up.

Roll them all up this way...

And stick them in the oven for about 13:00 (Minutes)

I went to check on them after about 12 minutes, when they had 1 minute left and they puffed up so much! That's why they are BIG AND FLAKY! yum!!

Once they are done baking, removing them from the oven (of course), let them cool and serve :)

 I opened it up a little bit (after it deflated while it cooled) to show you the inside, the cream cheese :)

 Delectable. My mom loves them! 

Thank you for 'tolerating' another one of my crescent roll recipes :) I am on such a crescent roll kick!