Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I have had a real want and need for chocolate chip cookie dough this week. My sister made it first on Wednesday or Tuesday, or maybe it was Thursday, I think it was Thursday, but she made some on Thursday and I really love our family recipe of cookie dough/chocolate chip cookies. I can't give it away on here, but I did find a recipe on this blog- Old Time Cooking. It isn't quite the same, and I never made this recipe, but the background story of these cookies is pretty. They won a school cooking fair! So they must be good! But today, I made our family recipe and like I said before, I can't give that away (Even though most people have it, but only by permission.) I just took pictures for you guys :)

I love these chocolate chip cookies. I have grown up with them. I remember when I was little, and I would come sleep over at my grandparent's house, we would watch I Love Lucy, drink chocolate milk and eat chocolate chip cookies. I was overly sugared as a child. Tee hee. No wonder I love sweets today! But I also love real food, real nourishing food. :)