7UP Biscuits!

I am getting almost every recipe I make off of pinterest and I think I am addicted... I AM addicted to pinterest. It's okay though! I love it and put it to good use. I found a delectable recipe on there that I wanted to make this weekend. It looked pretty simple and it used soda! 7UP Biscuits! I am not a soda girl at all, like I don't really even like soda. Water is my drink, but I have always loved 7UP and Sprite and sometimes DR. Pepper. Mt. Dew is like a drug to me (ask my friends... they have videos) so I stay away from it. I kind of tweaked the recipe a smidge, so I guess it's sorta my own way of doing it, but the recipe belongs to plainchicken.blogspot.com . Their blog is fun with tons of recipes! 

          All these take are 4 simple ingredients that you probably have around your house.
          Here is what you will need...
       ~2 cups of Bisquick (I didn't measure, I just poured. Got tired of using measuring cups)
       ~1/2 cup of sour cream (I did use measuring cup for this... shown in picture. tee hee)
       ~1/2 cup 7UP
       ~1/4 cup of melted butter. 

My biscuits didn't turn out like theirs.... but they turned out pretty good! I am gonna make mine like theirs, and actually read the recipe right so hopefully they turn out like hers, and I had the right pan... but I was using it for another blog project.
Preheat the oven 450 degrees. 
Get a pan, either a 9 inch square pan or a 9x13 pan. (I used 9x13, I think that was part of the problem. They didn't turn out bad, just not like Plain Chicken's)
Ok, so first cut sour cream into Bisquick mix....

Then add 7-Up. This will make a very soft dough.

Ok, now melt the butter and pour it into the dough. 

Your dough will now seam really wet... that's ok. Just add additional Bisquick mix and knead with your hands. It will turn out fluffy again :) Now, set it onto a cutting board or a counter and roll out, or press out with your hands.

Now use a cup opening to cut out into circles :) Or you can use a cookie cutter. And of course, fold up the parts of the dough that could not be cut, roll out again, and cut again. You should have none left if you do it right, and all the dough should be made into biscuits. 

Now, bake until golden brown. I baked mine for about 10 minutes.... I did 5 minutes first, then checked on them, then did another 5 minutes and they were good! I actually probably did 8 to 9 minutes... 
bake them till their golden brown on top :)

For best results... do this while they are still hot. Cut a biscuit in half, butter the sides (I know there is already butter in there, but just butter them, they taste amazing.) And serve with... maybe a glass of 7-Up. :)