This Past Week....

I'm so sorry! I haven't posted in a week. Mostly sorry to myself because I have been feeling down, and I think I know why, I haven't blogged! :( That's why I have been collecting pictures of different things all week from different events and I'm excited to share them with you! So Sunday, my aunt, my sister and I went shopping. Not  mall shopping... COUPONING shopping, like grocery stores and what not :) My favorite kind of shopping! We also went to New Seasons, and me being Miss Organic, I was very thrilled that we were going to New Seasons, it's my FAVORITE store for groceries. 

I bought a raspberry chocolate bar and my Aunt Shawna bought an orange chocolate bar... and we shared them :) The wrappers are so cute! I saved them and I'm going to put them in my binder along with my GINORMOUS Hershey bar wrappers :) 
 The wrappers are so cute! 

We just walked through the store, looking at things and through the freezer aisle, I found Roman raspberry sorbetto and double dark chocolate gelato... I WAS ELATED but didn't buy any on Sunday, sometime I will :)

I also bought brie and French bread :) The brie wasn't too badly priced, actually really cheap for brie and that brought smiles to my face! So happy! 

It was so good :)
I got a mushroom-y flavored brie, it was a milder taste than I expected but still so good! I have had a strong brie as well as a mild brie before, and this was pretty mild.

I didn't take this picture.... I did take a picture of New Seasons sign, but they all came out blurry... so I just got one off  Google Images. lol
SO... on Tuesday, Barlow had a late start. That means dad takes me to Fred Meyer and I get a Starbucks!
I got the Peppermint Mocha, and it was delightful! I also got a pumpkin cream cheese filled muffin :)

So yummy! 
Also at Fred Meyer, I was doddling and killing time till it was time for me to go to school... 
I went to the deli, well, Starbucks is right near the deli so I walked a few steps, and went to the cheese 'round-a-bout thing. I found brie... FOR $3.99 AND with a $1.00 off coupon!!!!! I wanted to get it so bad, and I could have gotten it... except I had school... and it would be out of the fridge all day long at school... so I figured this weekend I could get the brie :) 
And I also found Wee Brie! So cute!

This week, my school participated in the canned food drive... I brought cans....
But every time I was in my 3rd or 4th period class, the people never showed up... but yesterday when I didn't have the cans with me... they showed up in my 3rd period class. I was bummed out. So now they are in my locker and I have to bring them home sometime. ugh. Yesterday was the last day too. REALLY bummed out. 

Also this week, my honors English class started reading the book Great Expectations. I love it so far! 

It was a fun, busy week! Also, last night, my friends and I went to go surprise one of my best friends, (Emily), she is in her high school play, GREASE! It was so cute! It was really good! 
Forgot to bring my program home though, was using it to save seats and it wound up on the floor. UGH and I'm really bummed about that too. I could have gotten extra credit in Theatre class... not like I need it, but it's always nice to have the extra points. I'm really bummed. Wanted it as a keep sake. I still have my ticket though! Haha. 


  1. Looks like a nice week, what a wonderful cheese counter!! Looks like a really fun store! Now you have me wanting to run out for some Brie & Baguette-yum!

  2. It was a nice week! New Seasons is such a cool store. It has a cafe, soup/salad/Greek salad area, and sandwiches at the deli. Plus you can get shampoo in bulk! I thought that was really cool. Ooo yummy!!


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