We did Thanksgiving totally different this year! We usually swap from grandparent to grandparent each year, like one year we would have dinner with my dad's side of the family, the next year we would have dinner with my mom's side of the family. This year, we did both! We had breakfast at Elmer's with my dad's side of the family, and Dinner with my mom's side of the family :) . I liked this arrangement. Brittney and my dad ran in the Turkey Trot at the Forestry Center and the Oregon Zoo. Brittney beat my dad.... WHOOOO! Haha, my dad actually took my place in the  Turkey Trot. Since I haven't been feeling 100% all week, I decided not to run in the 4 mile Turkey Trot race. I was already signed up, so the money and my place would be wasted if I didn't run it, so my dad said he would run it, and I was thankful. He liked it. They ran with my uncle Randy and his girlfriend Amy. They all said it was blast, but FREEZING! And luckily it didn't rain on them. They said it was fun :) I hope I am feeling up to it next year because I totally would run it! After the run, Brittney, dad, Randy and Amy met mom, grandma, grandpa and me at Elmers in Beaverton. We had a Thanksgiving breakfast. I only took pictures of the cappuccino I got, because I forgot to take pictures of my food I ordered. I sometimes forget to take pictures of the food, because I am so hungry or so excited because it looks so good to take a picture. Awh well. :)

It was super yummy! I always love diner cappuccinos :) 
After breakfast, we went home, and I did some homework. My teachers gave me no mercy over Thanksgiving break. Ugh. Haha, oh well. I got bored of doing homework, so I wanted to make an Autumn/Thanksgiving craft for my cousin, Isabelle :)
I gathered leaves from the backyard, and there were tons!

And on my little leaf hunt, I came across this plant behind the pool, and I don't know what it's called, but the colors were super pretty :)

I found a bunch of different leaves on the other side of my yard, and so I took them inside and dried them off so I could actually do something with them. The rain was starting to pour...

I put them by the pellet stove to dry...

I got out some paints, markers, paper, glue, tons of supplies because I really didn't know what I wanted to make. 

I was on some Thanksgiving craft sites yesterday, to try to get an idea, and then I came up with one on my own. Leaf stamps! I remember doing them for a Thanksgiving party at my old school (GSS). We would paint the leaves with red, orange, green, gold, brown, Fall colors and we would press them onto a paper bag and it would look like a leaf. So I did that :) 

They turned out super cute. 

I finally decided to make a little Native American hat for Isabelle. 

When we got to my Great Grandpa's house, I told Isabelle that I had a surprise for her. I gave her the Native American hat and a bag

I didn't help cook any of the Thanksgiving, since I have a cold and nobody else wanted to get sick, so I just took pictures of the food. 

yams... mmm
 Green bean casserole oh yum!!
 We have ham on Thanksgiving instead of Turkey, so Happy Ham Day! ....not quite the same.
Tons of food... 

 Isabelle was a big fan of the ham. 

Here is a video of Isabelle saying, "I love ham." She said it a couple times before, and I just cracked up. 

Baby Raelyn loves the camera, I just learned that yesterday. She smiles so big when a camera flashes. Super cute. I love this baby.

Isabelle doesn't like the camera so much, but I did catch a picture of this crazy, awesome girl! 

Every Thanksgiving, my grandma Williams makes HERSHEY BAR PIE! It's so good! I have it for my birthday parties, or whatever, it's just amazing! 

And my mom made a pumpkin pie, which I didn't have any of, but I will have some today :)

It wasn't just plain pumpkin pie, it had cream cheese, and sour cream, and such. My aunt Shawna didn't want just plain pumpkin pie, so my mom made a pumpkin pie a notch up from plain. It looks so good! 

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift is my cousins favorite song! She is four. She only knows the chorus, but it's super cute when she sings it. I got Sparks Fly via Youtube from my phone, and she sand along. 

It was a super fun Thanksgiving! I loved it! I liked the arrangement, getting to see both grandparents on the same day, and spending Thanksgiving with them both! It was very fun! 


  1. So cute! Great little videos, your cousins are darling! I think I better learn how to make that Hershey Bar Pie, Hershey Bars are Joe's all time favorite. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Raelyn is such a cheese. :) Yes of course! I can give you the recipe. It's super easy! Only takes three ingredients: BIG giant hershey bar, cool whip and pre-made pie crust, the graham cracker kind.


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