Target No Coupons

Since I hadn't blogged in like 4 days, I was desperate... so after my doctor's appointment on Wednesday, mom and I stopped at Target :) which is a great store because they do really have low prices :) And for quick grab ups. My mom was getting some wine for thanksgiving, and I found Cupcake wine :) The label was cute. 

Mom didn't end up getting this wine, but I just thought the label was so cute! And since I'm a cupcake freak, I thought it was neat. 
(AND NO, I DO NOT DRINK WINE, I put that on for my mom because she wanted me to say that.... and it's the truth.):) 

Next item we ACTUALLY got was Snack Factory Pretzel Chips Garlic Parmesan. They are thin pretzels... they are so good. I had them at my friend Kirsten's house and I loved them! So I had to get some..... about two years later. LOL.

The rest of these items we actually bought :)
I am a protein bar freak as well, I love protein bars :) And everyday, school, I must have a protein bar, so Target sells the protein bars in boxes, like 6 count, and the boxes are only $5 :) So we get them weekly so I can have my protein bars at school everyday :)

We got Brittney's protein bars too, she gets Z-bars Cliff Kids, but I totally forgot to take a picture of them.... ugh! But Luna did come out with a Christmas flavor of bars, not protein bars, just bars :)

It was really good :) I love Christmas themed things :) So yummy. 

Next, we got conditioners. We got Aussie Sydney Smooth conditioner and Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Both really good conditioners :) 

The Tousle Me Softly conditioner helps me Sprunch my hair :) My was so cute yesterday :)

Last thing we got was my makeup remover 'towelettes'. I got them for the first time in August before San Francisco, as a quick and easy makeup remover. I didn't end up really using them in San Francisco, because I just took my makeup off in the shower with a face wash, so I used them when I got back home, for like nights  I stayed up too late and don't want to wash my face, just want to wash it with these... they work as a face wash substitute. The target brand works just as well and it even says, 'COMPARE' to ponds. so It must work the exact same, and it does! 

So yeah, just a look at some of my favorite products :) And what we do at Target most of the time, just pick up items here and there :)